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posted by on March 25th, 2024

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How to get great toned legs in a few months?

posted by on August 24th, 2010

I’m going to Costa Rica for Spring Break for nine days and we will be visiting beaches. I really want to get my legs in better shape before then. Right now my legs are 21" around the largest point. Any exercises I can do in the next two months to take off one or two inches?

I already do a dance cardio workout everday. And I’ve just started doing 15 lunges a day.

So: Any good exercises? Any good DVDs that are a good workout for your legs? ( i have Jillian Michelle workouts but they are so NOT FUN. thats why I switched to dance, but I still want more of a workout in my legs.) thankyou!! 🙂

ps and maybe something for the butt too!! lol 🙂

First of all OMG YOUR COMING TO COSTA RICA! I live here in Costa Rica. I live up in Escazu.
😀 Okay, well you could start off with squats..but start off with them holding onto a rail or something level to you, then do a few sets of them to start with because you don’t want to overwork yourself the first time. So, take that into consideration first then move onto more challenging things like lunges for example. If you don’t know what these are then search them up on YouTube and they’ll give you a full tutorial.
And lots of Cardiovascular exercises would do the most to your legs. Any kind of activity or sport wil help. Because you don’t aim for places to lose weight, so if your skinny up top then it’s probably gonna be harder for you to lose it on your legs.

Try riding a bike or jogging, you’ll see results fast enough. And start eating healthier and you’ll lose all the unwanted excess stuff you don’t need.

Good luck, and you’ll love the beaches here.

I mean that’s pretty bad. I’m a guy and i need to gain a lot of mass on my legs. What are some great muscle building exercises for the legs?

running and eat food with lots of protein.

GuYs OnLy…?

posted by on August 08th, 2010

2 questions….

1. I masterbate every day, and my penis is really short.( I’m 14 1/2 years old) If I stop materbating for awhile, will my penis get bigger/be bigger?

2. Does anyone have any great leg exercises? I have some pants for winter, but they don’t fit me yet, so I’m trying to loose weight. I need some help on doing some workout execrise to get that part of my body under control.

1. The amount of time you spend masturbating has no effect on penis length. The only thing that controls penis length is genetics.

2. Squats, lunges, running. Just do a google search or go to www.menshealth.com

I am training to be a sprinter, and right now im running 5 days a week and i skateboard 4-6 days a week so all through the week I come home from school skateboard for about 4 hours then i come home eat dinner then run 1 mile or more. So i exercise my legs a lot through the week

I don’t have weights at my house I only have 2 five pound hand weights and that just about it…

There are a lot of different leg excercises but here are a few; even when indoors you can try running on the spot. Try jogging at a steady pace and sudden outbursts of running as fast as you can. You should do this before any running things such as sprinting because this warms you up before you run. Yes you should try track and maybe some cardio for the leg (I suggest something that involves kicking like martial arts; a good one is TaeBo. I also suggest treadmills but you can get the same effect from track. Try and pace yourself for track and you should run everyday. Try jogging around the neighbourhood, this is what you should do; start the first two days by running

Abdominal Exercise??

posted by on July 08th, 2010

I am a competitive swimmer and i need to work on my strength training and i have found great exercises for my legs, arms, and back but not abdominals?? Any sugesstions??

It is quite simple – but they are horrible to most people

use a fit ball to perform different variations when you get bored with standard ones.

Google the net for types of sit-ups and which muscles they work, there are hundreds of sites with and without pictures.

Also try contracting your stomach muscles whilst you are sitting in the car, on the lounge, or anywhere, and before you know it, you will be strengthening your core without even knowing it.

calorie counting, exercise etc…?

posted by on June 19th, 2010

if i eat something that has 200 calories, but 0 grams of fat, do i put on any weight in fat? – or does the calories just count up to my daily allowance, and not mean anything?

also, has anybody got exercises that are great for legs, stomachs and backsides?
any way i can control cravings for food?

even an answer to one of the questions would be brilliant, thankyou very much in advance 🙂 x

calories eventually turn into fat as well as sugar. 200 calories really isn’t much though, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

Lunges are great for the legs…even the belly dancing shimmy, I think it’s the best excerise for the legs. If you don’t know what the shimmy is i’m sure you can look it up on you tube or something like that.

for the stomach, I would have to say the jack knife is really awesome. You just lift if your legs up and your arms and head making a V shape and then lower yourself. It works your upper and lower abs.

Torso twists as well you just stand up with your arms straight out horizontally then turn your upper half of your body side to side a few times…however many you want then twist side to side diagonally that’ll work out your obliques a bit.

Just look on youtube for stomach excersises or google it…they are so hard to explain in text. LOL


There are two things that can help determine the success of any glutes work out, one is Weight and the other is intensity.To tone them means to make them firmer and stronger, and to do this with exercise you will need to do some training with weights to increase their size slightly.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary though, to spend endless hours in the gym performing boring exercise routines in order to tone the glutes. You can get an excellent quality workout for your gluteal muscles in approximately 15 minutes, two or three times a week.

Working out with weights or any form of resistance will help to build firmer, bigger buttock muscles, however, in order to get the toned look, you will need to do some cardiovascular work to help burn the calories and burn the fat. The toned look is created by definition and definition is created by a leaner body.

For any muscles to grow, they require more energy in the form of calories anyway, so you will burn some excess body fat in the process whilst you are focusing on toning the glutes.
Some of the very best exercises to tone the glutes are lunges, squats, and dead lifts. A particularly effective exercise for toning the glutes is the Bulgarian Split Squat.

If you are new to exercise, it is best to start these exercises with your bodyweight only for resistance. But as you progress, add some weights either in the form of dumbbells or barbells.
Try to do between 15 – 20 repetitions on each leg and work up to doing three sets in total. Again, you can add weights as you progress for extra resistance and to improve the size of your glutes.

Power walking, sprinting, and jogging are all great for creating a leaner, lower body look and this will be toning the glutes at the same time as burning fat.

Walking on a treadmill, set to an incline, or walking up hills as an outdoor alternative, is an excellent form of exercise to increase the size of your gluteus maximus muscles, but if you prefer purely to tone your glutes than to get bigger glutes, then perhaps avoid both the stepper and the treadmill on an incline.

Include these glute building exercises into your fitness routine will help you build a beautiful butt. However there’s more to a hot lower body than just your bottom.
There are your legs and some others too.


For more tips on glutes work out, Check our website at https://www.exercisesforgreatlegs.com/category/how-to-firm-legs



Can Yoga Poses Get You Firm Legs?

posted by on June 15th, 2010

Do you know that yoga poses are a big help to firm your legs?

If you want to take up a form of exercise with the aim of making yourself look and feel much better you should give very serious thought to yoga.


by David Martinez

Consider this yoga poses below; and find out how they will turn your legs more firm by executing each!


Yoga poses to achieve firm legs:
Chair Pose: Squat down with your legs and feet together, arms pointing to the ceiling. Your buttocks will stick out and you want to have the weight in the heels of your feet. Try to minimize the “C” curve in your lower back by engaging the lower core muscles.

Warrior 2: Warrior two pose is a great thigh strengthener. Point your front foot and bend your front knee straight toward the front of the room. The back leg is straight behind you and pointing to the side of the room. Try to create a 90 degree bend in your front knee. Your arms stretch oppositely to the front and back of the room, gaze forward.

Airplane Pose: Stand on one leg and point your back leg to the back of the room with pointed toe. Keep your standing leg strong and firm and try to get your body parallel to the floor. Buttocks and thighs are firmed very much in this pose.

Standing Splits: Stand on one leg and bring your other leg to the back of the room, striving to one day point it to the ceiling. Keep hips forward to the front of the room and bend over to touch the floor, toes, or shin, depending on your flexibility. This tones all the muscles in both legs tremendously.

Horse Pose: Stand to the side of the room with your legs spread wide. Point toes 45 degrees out and bend knees down to a 90 degree bend in the knees. Keep your back straight and firm. An arm variation to try here is hands together at heart’s center.
Try 10 deep breaths for every yoga poses. You will be amazed at the result after doing these for a couple of times.

Your legs will start to get that firm look you’ve always wanted by doing these poses.

For more great tips on how to get firm legs,  check our website at https://www.exercisesforgreatlegs.com/category/how-to-firm-legs

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