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I have been working out in a athletic club and have been using the glutes abductor equipment. Will this equipment do the job? Not that my glutes are flat, just want to enhance them.

Absolutely yes. However, doing an abductor exercise will not have a major affect on the shape of your glutes (gluteus maximus … your butt). The action of abduction of the hip means you are spreading your legs. The glutes action in abduction is the result of movement of the gluteus medius muscle which is not the main muscle that give your hips their shape. That shape is due to the gluteus maximus.

The main function of the glut max (the muscle that gives shape to your butt) is what is called extension of the hip which is the motion of your leg while running and pushing backwards.

THE BEST exercises, therefore, mimic that motion and the best weight lifting exercises for your butt, hands down the best, are squats and lunges. Both of those exercises are also considered exceptional exercises for core strength so, you should add them to your routine.

My work out schedule and meal menu for yesterday was as follows: I am curious how effective it was or where I could have improved it.

Equipment used at the gym was all Nautilus, here goes…

* warm up 10 mins on treadmill

* Hip abduction/ adduction 35 pounds
4 sets of 20 reps ( works glutes and hips )

* Seated Leg Curl/ 35 pounds
5 sets of 20 reps ( works hamstrings )

* Leg Extension/35 pounds
5 sets of 20 reps ( works quads )

Abdominal/35 pounds 6 sets of 20 reps on each one. NOTE: this is my target area, tips???

Compound Row/20 pounds
6 sets of 20 reps
works dlets/biceps/mid traps
(this one kicks your bum because of all the variations so I hit it harder than some of the others
and kept going until I felt a really good burn exceeding my goal on it, "could I over do this one"?

Lat Pull Down
Upper body again and lower abdominal

Last Elliptical 45 mins. burning 470 calories @ 3.5 miles

Meal menu

Breakfast ~ Coffee

Lunch ~ can of tuna with a small amount of mayo, one slice of whole grain bread and lots of water. A hand full of yogurt covered rasins.

Dinner ~ @ 530 two chicken tacos ( lean chicken boiled then browned with pepper ) fresh veggie salso and avocado, small serving of beans and ice tea no sugar added.

Multi vitamin and B~12 and a calcium with D

How can I improve this ? My goal is to tone and tighten not bulk up. And drop pounds of course is great, but I am not a number watcher on the scale. I look for the results more so and fit of clothing. I am short and do need to drop a good 20 in my opinion.

Advice from experts? Please and thank you!
OOPS! ( spell check! ) lol not regime , I meant "REGIMEN" duh, sorry!
OOPS! ( spell check! ) lol not regime , I meant "REGIMEN" duh, sorry!
Today this was my routine as follows:

Warm up on elliptical for 11 mins.

Nautilus equipment used again but different machines this time.

Triceps press/35 pounds
3 sets of 30 reps each set
(targets triceps, pectoralis, major,anterior deltoid and lower trapezius.

Biceps Curl/ 20 pounds~ 3 sets of 20 reps
(targeting biceps,brachli, brachialis, and forearm flexors).

Pec Fly 35 pounds
3 sets of 20 reps
(Targets pectorials, major, deltoid, serratus anteriour. (I flet his burning in all the right spots)

Vertical Chest 20 pounds
3 sets of 20 reps (targeting muscles pectoralis, major,anterior deltoids, triceps.

Overhead Press/20 pounds ~ 3 sets if 20 reps
(targeting deltoids, triceps, upper trapezius).
This machine seemed weak or I used it incorrectly. It did burn, however it did not seem I had it adjusted right.

Eilliptical for 40 mins burned 415 calories @ 3.14 miles

Did not eat any breakfast, got a late start so I ate two chicken tacos for
(P.S. Thank you Eddy and Robert both for your helpful answers). They were both informative and I will use them. You both should get best answer. I appreciate it so much!
ADDITIONAL DETAILS ~ I am in between 38 and 41 ( don’t want to say my exact age )
I am only five foot two inches tall, a woman of course and not looking to bulk up at all. That is the last thing I want!
What I do hope for is over all improvement toning and of course dropping some pounds ( however I am not obsessed with the scale ) I have a lot of muscle anyway which explains my 165 weight, my goal is to get down to 145. But have no desire to look stick skinny. I like curves and just want them toned tight. I guess I would like to drop sizes more than anything if that helps. But do need things toned so I need the weights.

Not sure if I left any details out.

OK, first of all, you need to state your age, height, weight, and sex. Your basal metabolic rate cannot be computed without these factors. You should also indicate your current level of physical activity (how many times a week and for how long).

Second, you need state what your goals are. Are you trying to lose weight? Just stay in shape? Train for an event? Put on lots of muscle?

The weights you are using (35 pound leg extension & curl) seem quite low. These are anaerobic exercises that are supposed to be performed until muscular failure. This means that you must do them until your muscles burn and can do no more. You should be able to complete between 6 and 14 repetitions of the exercise (a set) when you reach muscular failure. If you can do more than this (or if you are not really giving it your all), then the weight is too low.

Your diet sounds quite healthy, however, once again it can’t be evaluated without knowing your stats and goals. The detail is great, but all that really matters from an analysis standpoint is your daily calories and protein/carb/fat intake.

Keep up the good work!