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any easy work outs done at home?

posted by on July 21st, 2012

i would love to lose 10 pounds FAST!

do you know any good work outs that can be done at home, and of course how my eating habits and such should be?

I usually get workout tapes from the library like Tae Bo and Denise Austin. Its also a workout video called Zumba I love it and it doesnt even feel like youre working out you’re just dancing. As far as eating habits, i eat three times a day breakfast lunch and dinner and I try to have a fruit and veggie in all three meal. Good Luck Hope it helped

Easy workouts…..walking and/or jogging in your neighborhood or on a treadmill if you have one. Get a set of weights and you can do upper and lower body workouts….all of your arm muscles can be easily worked and you can implement squats and lunges with your handweights to help. Crunches are good to help develop your core strength but understand they do not get rid of belly fat!