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Equipments to Use in Glutes Work Out

posted by on October 05th, 2009

There are a lot of glutes exercises that can help strengthen the muscles of your behind. The rule of thumb is to perform and execute these exercises effectively. Watch this video and learn easy and effective techniques:

There are two things that can help determine the success of any glutes work out: One is Weight and the other one is Intensity. It is a widely known fact that men are obsessed by abs as women are obsessed by booties. There are some people who complain about the efficacy of famous glutes work out.

One of the reason that can be pointed out as the reason behind the failure of a glutes exercise is the wrong way of executing it. Bear in mind that your gluts is a combination of fats and muscles, this is the reason why your efforts may not be paid off that easily. This is the very reason why most people think that kick backs or butt squeezing are ineffective. This is where equipments come in. Remember that intensity and weight play a very important role in this type of exercise so it is best to use something that can add weight o intensify your regular glutes work out.

Photographer: Geo Martinez From United States

Photographer: Geo Martinez From United States

Barbells are common gym equipment that you can use to enhance a regular squat. Studies show that barbell squats are considered to be the best type of exercise to help build and enhance the ass muscles. Begin by lifting the weight and slowly lower your self. Be sure to get a trainer so that he can check out not just your form but your execution. Bear in mind that a narrow width is perfect for your quads in the same way that a wide width can do good on your hips.

Another type of gym equipment that can help enhance your regular glutes work out is a dumbbell. They can be found in the gym. But since they are relatively cheap, you can also buy dumbbells for home and personal use. These gym equipments are perfect to use in another effective exercise is known as lunges. You can use them in a stationary lunge, a walking lunge or a side lunge.