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Sunset on the Moon at Sunrise

posted by admin on October 31st, 2009

Timelapse of the moon with a CPC11 celestron about 6 hrs of timelapse on the last quarter of the moon. Piccies taken with a canon D40 and stitched together, recentered mostly manually. Sunset can be seen on several aspects of the terminator. Had tracking trouble with the scope, but too tired to work out what and where. Still pretty good for a first go. Seeing was pretty poor for the whole night. This scope is alt-az mounted so the field rotation over 6 hrs is almost 90 degrees!

Sun 12th Fought off the cold and sleepyness to a fantastic dawn. Decided to have a scramble around veedervoos. Many fond memories of being here with Dad! Conditions to fly the plane were good, but lighting would have been bad. On up into the snowies. Stopped for a stole at the pass. Thought of flying planes but wind REALLY got up. On to Rawlin, and retraced the apendecomy trip to rock springs. Found a starbux but they have changed their internet deal. Its now very bad for me. 4 bux for 2hrs, plus you have to do it all on a card. Also burned out a 12v splitter on the car. Got replacement at walmart, and called parents and found out can still get old Tmobile deal. 40 bux a month for unlimited (about what I pay at home). Also got a new watch, reluctantly as the last 2 have died from leaking. Trip to Rock springs was more pleasant than I remembered, lots of fantastic sedimentary rocks.
Uploaded 2 vids and headed out to flaming george. Sky looked to be clearing and looked for a place to set up. Dead quiet. Tstorms around but looked to be moving away.
Night sky when the sun was down was awe enspiring. TRULY AWE INSPIRING!
The 3.5 in apo gives great images, I can see why people like them, but in terms of detail its still pwned by the 11 in Schmidt. Tried some simple photography with both.
Tinkered with the web cam, but neither it or the vid camera had the light sensitivity.
Hooked it up for timelapse on the moon.

Bitch was the thing kept drifting out of field so I had to get up every hour or so throughout the night to recenter.

Duration : 0:3:2


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