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Sexy Pilates Workout Side Leg Series

posted by admin on October 31st, 2009

Our fitness host turned model, Sarah brings you a slimming Pilates side leg series that’s quick and simple. **Sponsor: 5 Flat Stomach Tips – http://www.diet.com/tracking/hitcnt.php?affid=2601&mode=3

You can do it anywhere! This free fitness video is best for toning and lengthening the legs, butt and thighs. The Pilates Side Leg Series is the secret to fitting into your skinny jeans.

Special Thanks to Paula http://www.bpilatesstudio.com

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Duration : 0:3:43


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25 Responses to “Sexy Pilates Workout Side Leg Series”

  1. kornisback says:

    Hip over Hip!
    stay …

    Hip over Hip!
    stay external ro…Hip!
    Hip Hip Hip!

  2. csubiii says:

    try it for a month …
    try it for a month and you tell us đŸ˜‰

  3. rowleydude1667 says:

    ide tap that
    ide tap that

  4. YANET213 says:

    By me doing this …
    By me doing this will I tone or lose weight?

  5. jahlove111 says:

    pilates are one of …
    pilates are one of the best workouts!

  6. Jetball74 says:

    She’s hot.
    She’s hot.

  7. 05baby09 says:

    das ist geiler …
    das ist geiler pilates,hilft 100% beim abnehmen.diese Ă¼bungen sind genial.this is soooo great,i make it everyday..

  8. Leiaz29 says:

    this is great; i …
    this is great; i love pilates and it’s so targeting to the back, abs, hips, and thighs

  9. phileustace says:

    Mind if I squeeze …
    Mind if I squeeze that tight as I jam you up da butt?? ….balls deep.

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  13. shinesmile77 says:

    How often do have …
    How often do have to do this to get results?

  14. i99xx says:

    makes me hot
    makes me hot

  15. ImABlueZebra says:

    I find this is …
    I find this is really hard to do on a regular yoga/pilates mat. Hurts my hips :/

  16. bigshiz says:

    i think she has …
    i think she has pretty feet!

  17. goden223 says:

    bunlar?n tipi kaym??
    bunlar?n tipi kaym??

  18. ahmedsabeehsyed says:

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    legs have large muscle groups so they burn most calories

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  20. vd2008 says:

    Wow, this exercise …
    Wow, this exercise is very hard. But looks great to make.

  21. t0plen09 says:

    is this a leg …
    is this a leg lenghtening exercise?

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