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The Best Butt Workout with a Stability Ball

posted by admin on August 21st, 2010

Work your butt off! Coach Nicole of SparkPeople.com leads you through a short (5 minute) exercise routine that will help you tone up your booty.

Duration : 0:5:42


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25 Responses to “The Best Butt Workout with a Stability Ball”

  1. sparkpeople says:

    @chocolatechick44 …
    @chocolatechick44 Strength and coordianation! Both will improve with practice. 🙂

  2. santiago2331 says:

    Lol i bought one …
    Lol i bought one and i dont know how to inflate in the right way, do i just inflate it to were i can inflate it anymore?

  3. HazaaStrokinIt says:

    these videos are …
    these videos are amazing thanks:)ive added about 2 or 3 of these workouts everynight including when i get on the treadmill!thanx nicole:)

  4. hothotheat3000 says:

    This exercise is …
    This exercise is AMAZING. I did it a few days ago and my butt and thighs are still sore. I LOVE IT.

  5. chocolatechick44 says:

    whats the science …
    whats the science behing keeping the ball steady because mine always gets all wobbly, u make it look very easy!

  6. jwith2 says:

    just got an …
    just got an exercise ball, gonna try this, i really wanna tone up from the waist down 🙂

  7. Granazful says:

    I love all of your …
    I love all of your stability ball workouts. They really work.

  8. sparkpeople says:

    55 cm
    55 cm

  9. MRSSIPPY315 says:

    Great! Thanks, …
    Great! Thanks, Nicole!

  10. DeuscheBag says:

    what size ball are …
    what size ball are you using?

  11. aartvegan says:

    The ball looks like …
    The ball looks like Neptune.

  12. sparkpeople says:

    There should be no …
    There should be no weight in your neck or head during this. Balance your weight in your feet, shoulder blades and arms.

  13. realloreal says:

    Looks like you’ll …
    Looks like you’ll hurt your neck.

  14. Ahsmi0814 says:

    nice workout
    nice workout

  15. sparkpeople says:

    These are closed …
    These are closed chain exercises which are known to be easier on the knees while still strengthening the muscles surrounding that joint.

  16. lotioncity says:

    If your ball keeps …
    If your ball keeps moving, roll something like a towel and place in circle and set ball inside. This should help until you gain more control.

  17. nitabean82 says:

    never lock the …
    never lock the knees and you should be ok.

  18. nitabean82 says:

    Takes a lot of …
    Takes a lot of practice to control the ball.

  19. dreamboynyc2 says:

    Are these exercises …
    Are these exercises very stressful to the knees?

  20. alex2odessa says:

    nice workout thank …
    nice workout thank you.

  21. heavysoul63 says:

    Great Exercises but …
    Great Exercises but my ball keeps rolling away I cannot manage it, maybe it is too soft….

  22. discovik says:

    Unreal. thanks for …
    Unreal. thanks for sharing with everyone.. As a fitness instructor its easy to become stale so other ideas are really helpful. thanks again

  23. woodallaj says:

    Thanks for sharing! …
    Thanks for sharing! As a personal trainer with LOTS of female clients, there’s always room to learn & grow more…
    Keep rockin’!

  24. fitnesshealthguy says:

    I used the Abs IQ …
    I used the Abs IQ six pack abs program by Bogumil Gizewski and found it to be very easy to follow and very effective. In Abs IQ Mr Gizewski teaches you how to work smarter not harder to get nice abs.

  25. LadiiiLush says:

    NZ its swiss ball.. …
    NZ its swiss ball…not to sure why =]

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