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Free Fitness Plyometrics Workout Video

posted by admin on October 31st, 2009

Build power and speed with Diet.com’s Plyometrics workout video. **Sponsor: 5 Flat Stomach Tips – http://www.diet.com/tracking/hitcnt.php?affid=2601&mode=3


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These exercises should be done 2-3 times 3 times a week. Of course in order to lose weight with any strength training program it is important to also do cardio workouts at least 3 times a week.

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29 Responses to “Free Fitness Plyometrics Workout Video”

  1. DougEFesh25 says:

    ther both sexy …
    ther both sexy hell. i need to show u two a few more ways to add a lil cardio

  2. h3ct0rgp says:

    :O dear lord… …
    :O dear lord…exercising never looked so good!

  3. steverockz says:

    he means who cares …
    he means who cares about plyo as a joke cuz the girls are hot as

  4. nchudson87 says:

    im probably the …
    im probably the only one here trying to pay attention to the actual workouts lol. but with the first excersize, couldnt that cause damage to her feet from coming directly down with her feet flat on the ground?

  5. ouggnoy says:

    Katrina is HOT…

    Katrina is HOT…
    what’s plyometrics?

  6. HeadShotOwnage says:

    how about …
    how about pyledriveometrics?

  7. dendavy8 says:

    wauw 🙂 who cares …
    wauw 🙂 who cares about plyometrics 🙂 just look at the girls

  8. yuppyguitar says:

    I thought plyo was …
    I thought plyo was about lengthening the muscle followed immediately by a contraction. I didn’t see that in the first jump, where the quad muscle rested before the jump.

  9. Dennissssj says:

    haha who give about …
    haha who give about plyo? Hmm Plyometrics is what increases your vertical in the most effeciënt way yet plyo’s are hard to do exactly good.

  10. MattyHild says:

    Great exercises …
    Great exercises girls, would like to see more!

  11. bigjaykay1987 says:

    who gives a …
    who gives a about the plyometrics!

  12. sneakyjudas says:

    how about that …
    how about that exercise where one squats down on the other ones face?

  13. tonlo2006 says:

    tell Sarah she’s …
    tell Sarah she’s has the most wonderful legs I’ve ever laid eyes on

  14. ToneItUpcom says:

    thanks for the …
    thanks for the comments everyone – Katrina 🙂

  15. ariesas says:

    i would give them …
    i would give them an assmetrics workout

  16. zeroturbulence says:

    WoW I want to have …
    WoW I want to have a threesome with these girls so bad!!

  17. stephengerondakis says:

    They would me!
    They would me!

  18. oskarlw says:

    Those girls are so …
    Those girls are so cute. I want them to be my personal trainer.

  19. mesaprofa says:

    what is her blog, …
    what is her blog, can someone answer me please

  20. mesaprofa says:

    shes soft …
    shes soft underneath belive me

  21. zauberk says:

    Hi there.
    Are these …

    Hi there.
    Are these really plyo? Seems like they are doing it all wrong.

  22. GreenAcid6998 says:

    these comments are …
    these comments are great!

  23. mikehale69 says:

    I think my pants …
    I think my pants made a more exlosive plyo move then those girls did.

  24. mvadinan540 says:

    It almost seems …
    It almost seems like plyometrics is a sorry bite off other exercise methods, Who ever came up with it is very unoriginal, Anyway you can hop on and off my face like that with your nice booty

  25. coelhovsk says:

    I got an erection !
    I got an erection !

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