Excercises For Great Legs

Then Fun and Easy Way to Great Legs


The kinetic Bands offer a great way to multi task and get in a workout at home or the office. You can wear them while you do housework, watch TV, work on the computer or for better results while you work out. Our Trim and Tone Zone program has been very successful in helping women work their thighs hips abs ham strings glutes and cardio all while wearing the Kinetic Bands during their normal workout routine.

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26 Responses to “Fitness – abs workout for women : Sexy – Flat tummy workout with resistance bands”

  1. belley669 says:

    @Sapphiretea …
    @Sapphiretea hahahaha and she’S hot

  2. myosource says:

    @jazzywazzy313 …
    @jazzywazzy313 There are several videos on our channel with her standing up.

  3. jazzywazzy313 says:

    you didnt stand up …
    you didnt stand up not once i wanted to see how flat your stomach looked when you were standing

  4. lenabina86 says:

    where do you get …
    where do you get that band from

  5. manolarakass says:


  6. PheonixProduction876 says:

    Thats a really …
    Thats a really tight sports bra u got there 😉

  7. SportBras says:

    I love the tight …
    I love the tight sports bra 🙂

  8. SportBras says:

    How much too small …
    How much too small is your sports bra!!! lol… Love it tho, 😀

  9. TheVideoRandom says:

    i bet ur a dancer …
    i bet ur a dancer of some sort

  10. sweetkisses4uonly says:

    how do you lose …
    how do you lose weight fast if you have all day to give to exercise? is it intervals for hours?

  11. oliviaolas says:

    I’ve never used …
    I’ve never used resistance bands but like the ball they seem like a simple machine and inexpensive option for me right now. Later I can get something more substantial. I would love to have better abs and feel stronger and prettier.

  12. smile4dakillcam1 says:

    you bloody gorgeous
    you bloody gorgeous

  13. myosource says:

    @TheTertullian Yes …
    @TheTertullian Yes you do. The Kinetic Bands engage all your Core muscles from the Knee’s to the lower abs. Doing certain exercises cause various muscle groups to engage at a higher level which includes this exercise working the glutes.

  14. TheTertullian says:

    LOL what are u …
    LOL what are u talking about? what are u talking about? ooohyeah put a resistance band around round legs and u feel it in the abss??

  15. applesweeter says:

    Dear Girls,

    I …
    Dear Girls,

    I have a question about sport clothing:

    If I wear spandex for sport activities, do I have to wear inner clothing such as underwear?

    I ask because I enjoy the freedom of movement of my legs during rock climbing.

    THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for your answer!!! 🙂

  16. Squeaky4CC says:

    just do sit ups.. …
    just do sit ups.. this is a joke seriously

  17. oliviaolas says:

    I would love to …
    I would love to look like here! I don’t have much discipline. I could physically do this but I just have to have energy and start. Once I start I get momentum. Results would be so cool right now. I don’t want to be embarrassed at the beach.

  18. 89mannan says:

    wow she is …
    wow she is hottttttttttt

  19. chicob1975 says:

    @Sapphiretea It was …
    @Sapphiretea It was for me. I just busted a nut all over the place.

  20. clowner1301 says:

    wow shes hot the …
    wow shes hot the and titts on her NICE!!!!

  21. TheTurkeyBum says:

    wow this has …
    wow this has actally worked for me! i bought them and i’m actally really happy with these work outs my bodys looking better but still not as flash as yours have you got any tips to healthy eating? do you do diets or are they a no go for you? i’m a high school student so i’m really into snaking when i study.

  22. jazmarrero says:

    Yea, looks more …
    Yea, looks more like a sex position lol

  23. cameltryde says:

    you should wear sun …
    you should wear sun glases…with your eyes and smile it makes it hard to think of exercising……

  24. cameltryde says:

    I like da way you …
    I like da way you tighten all those muscles mmmmmmmm

  25. Sapphiretea says:

    She started this …
    She started this off like it was a porno.

  26. 8492

    Does that normally work

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