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Hi, in this video I show you how to do a great walking exercise to help tone and tighten your butt (gluteus maximus muscles), legs (quadricep muscles) and stomach (abdominal muscles), especially your oblique muscles. Doing this high knees exercise is also a great cardio vascular aerobic workout to add to your walking routine. Please subscribe because I have a lot more to come. Thanks so much for viewing.

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27 Responses to “Tone Thighs, Butt, Abs/Stomach Muscles with High Knees Workout Exercise”

  1. alalal420 says:

    thanks for the …
    thanks for the advice ^^
    you have very nice shaped butt and very nice house xP
    this means you have a good taste too =D

  2. YouTips4U says:

    Hi, these butt …
    Hi, these butt workouts tone and strengthen your butt muscles which help shape, lift and tone your butt. They make your butt look and feel tighter and make it more shapely. As far as reducing size, you would need to lose excess weight to reduce the size of your butt and that is done with cardio excess. To make your butt bigger, you would need to gain weight.

  3. Pathrissia says:

    ive watched your …
    ive watched your videos and i wonder if theese butt-workouts u have make a butt smaller, stay the same size, or bigger? i want mine either to stay the same, or to get a little bigger :/

  4. YouTips4U says:

    Hi, welcome to my …
    Hi, welcome to my site. When you have time, please take a look at my videos on ab work, leg work, my diet tips video on portion control, and my breakfast tips video. I think you will find them very helpful.

  5. dulcenina1 says:

    hi, i just for the …
    hi, i just for the first time started watching your videos and i think they are great 🙂 Ok i have a problem with losing weight on my stomach and i want to know what is the best exercise for the stomach area ? also i would like to tone up my legs, thighs && butt, but i dont know what exercise to do either ! so can you please help me ? Oh and one more question i dont normally eat breakfast and i want to know what would be something good in the morning ? PLEASE HELP, THANK YOU !

  6. janefrank1 says:

    thanks so much i …
    thanks so much i will try, do u recomend me taking some protein shakes? if so when?

  7. YouTips4U says:

    Hi, if you want to …
    Hi, if you want to lose excess weight as well as feel better and healthier, I recommend that you eat several small meals throughout the day to keep your metabolism revved and that you eat foods from all of the major food groups. Please check out my video on portion control. I think you will find it helpful. You want high fiber carbs, lots of veggies, fruits and lean proteins (meat, chicken, fish, beans, etc.) lowfat dairy and exercise. Never skip breakfast!

  8. YouTips4U says:

    Hi, people store …
    Hi, people store excess weight either in the butt and legs or in the mid section. You are a person who stores excess weight in her midsection. The only way to lose excess weight is by watching your diet and doing cardio exercise to burn excess calories. Unfortunately, when you lose weight, you lose it everywhere, however, with weight and resistance training you can sculpt your body and actually change the appearance of it. It takes time and commitment, but you can do it :o)

  9. janefrank1 says:

    WHat kind of diet …
    WHat kind of diet do u recommend… for someone like my ? i’m really clueless with working out? and diets?

  10. janefrank1 says:

    is it possible to …
    is it possible to lose a stomach and love handles and not ur Butt… and maybe make it bigger or perkier?

  11. janefrank1 says:

    i love ur Vids…u …
    i love ur Vids…u are great. i need help… i have a belly love handle problem…. nothing else grows. everytime i want to work out ,my already small butt , disapears… and not my belly….so i stop. and suffer with this GUTT.. what can i do.. ?

  12. janefrank1 says:

    hi i love ur vids.. …
    hi i love ur vids..i was wondering if there is a way to Only lose your belly and not ur butt, i already dont have a big butt…everytime i want to work out my goes first and my belly is still there?? i wiegh 150lb and i’m 5’5. the only problem in my body are my lovehandles and stomach …please HELP !!!!

  13. YouTips4U says:

    Hi, you’ll need to …
    Hi, you’ll need to do cardio exercise, like jogging and walking, etc. to burn excess fat which will help slim down your butt. Then you’ll need to do toning exercises like the one in this video and I have other up for you to take a look at as well. Stay consistent and exercise at least 3-4 times per week. You can add more time if you are inclined and have the time for quicker results.

  14. mabel801 says:

    i have a big bum …
    i have a big bum but ever since i had my son i gained a lot of weight and mu but dosent look as good as it used to but im going to start excersising again so what can i do to have a great looking bump like yours? please comment back

  15. YouTips4U says:

    Hi, usually a …
    Hi, usually a person whose butt is flatter rather than rounder is genetically predisposed to that shape. Unfortunately, even if you gain wait your butt may not get rounder, but it could get wider. The best thing to do to optimize your shape and help it be the roundest it can, is to do exercises that firm and tone your glutes, or butt muscles. Things like lunges, squats, many of the leg exercises also work that area, and of course running and biking, etc.

  16. feiticeir4 says:

    i want my butt to …
    i want my butt to look like that! i have a flat butt and gaining weight is not an option, What exercises do you do for your butt to make it rounder/bigger? if possible at all…

  17. YouTips4U says:

    You are so sweet. …
    You are so sweet. Thanks so much for your wonderful feedback. I’m so glad my videos are helping you stay motivated. Thanks for spreading the work about me :o)

  18. MrBigYole says:

    i love you. you …
    i love you. you have saved me in so many ways health wise. please keep these ab tips coming cuz i adore new ideas. you are so inspiring. everytime i work out, i always think of you and how you wouldn’t quit. I also tell all my friends of you. thank you thank you!

  19. YouTips4U says:

    Hi, don’t fret …
    Hi, don’t fret because you can get your breasts back to normal, but it does take a little time. What helped me most was weight lifting. I also lost my pregnancy weight slowly which actually gave my body time to retract the skin. Once I stopped breastfeeding it took about another 9 months for my breast to look the way they used to. The same was true after my second. Don’t worry i don’t find this embarrassing at all; it’s just life :o) Please feel free to stop by and ask anytime.

  20. asha442 says:

    hi i really like …
    hi i really like your videos ,and as i was reading your replies you mentioned that you were breastfeeding and i was wondering if you also know anyy excercises for those of that have breast feeded and have loose skin in the boob area,did you do certain excercise to get your boobs back to pretty normal,i know its embarrasing to answer but iff you do please tell me so i can try it aswelll,waiting in hopes

  21. YouTips4U says:

    Hi, I like to do …
    Hi, I like to do about 3 minutes of these, but it depends on what else you are doing. If this is part of your 30 minute exercise routine, you can do 50-100 of them depending on how in shape your are.

  22. bamndoodle says:

    This will really …
    This will really help me how. I have been trying to get a good workout to loose this unwanted fat in the tummy and thighs. Is there a specific workout set i need to do ?

  23. YouTips4U says:

    Hi, it took me …
    Hi, it took me about one year to lose all of the weight because I was breastfeeding. I think what helped me most was walking and jogging.

  24. JuLiEkidd15 says:

    how long did it …
    how long did it take to lose those 30 pounds and what exercises help most to lose it ?

  25. YouTips4U says:

    Hi, yes it does :o)
    Hi, yes it does :o)

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    […] Tone Thighs, Butt, Abs/Stomach Muscles with High Knees Workout Exercise | Excercises For Great Legs […]

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