Excercises For Great Legs

Then Fun and Easy Way to Great Legs


The dumbbell lunge is a great exercise for building the quads and glutes. Add this exercise to your workout and watch your legs grow!

Duration : 0:0:35


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4 Responses to “Dumbbell Lunges – Quadriceps Exercises For Building Big Legs”

  1. deatha44 says:

    I just started the …
    I just started the dumbell lunge. Burns like h***! but it works!

  2. apanChippe says:

    I once heard they …
    I once heard they shouldn’t like you say but lately I heard the opposite. Makes me confused.

  3. cheke64 says:

    good stuff
    good stuff

  4. candikking says:

    your knees look …
    your knees look like they are going past your toes a bit…that shouldnt be happening, right? Or maybe its just how it looks in the video?

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