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My Exercise Routine

posted by admin on June 30th, 2010

Learn how to do the daily Onision exercise routine in a quick and painless fashion.

Subscribe to: http://youtube.com/onision
The Onision site: http://onision.net

This is probably the best generic & bland workout video on YouTube, I hope you enjoy!

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Duration : 0:4:21


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25 Responses to “My Exercise Routine”

  1. Billkaulitzluver101 says:

    I saw a boner…..
    I saw a boner…..

  2. Jr0cK3r95 says:

    at the beggining i …
    at the beggining i was like….
    WHHAT THE ?! xDD

  3. Neondarkness28 says:


  4. xXTheDarkPixieXx says:

    Whats sad, most of …
    Whats sad, most of it is yoga! haha love you

  5. bobthenewt1 says:

    lol now dip it! xD
    lol now dip it! xD

  6. Madzveggiegurl5 says:

    🙂 totally got that …
    🙂 totally got that x

  7. BabiesFallingOver says:

    @Giggle69able Yes, …
    @Giggle69able Yes, that was the joke thank you. >.>

  8. yourlovemaxine says:

    i love this guy <3
    i love this guy <3

  9. R3DC0R3 says:

    @galaxxy09 hahahaha
    @galaxxy09 hahahaha

  10. MegaDemonlover says:

    pause it at 2:15 …
    pause it at 2:15 hahaha bonner

  11. lockkiller101 says:

    my hand muscle is …
    my hand muscle is very well in shape then…

  12. MMFxC says:

    pause at 1:09 …
    pause at 1:09 onision looks like a girl

  13. michaeljacksonyall says:

    Lol!! So nasty but …
    Lol!! So nasty but you kept a straight face the whole while

  14. wolfiebabarockz says:

    i did this exersise …
    i did this exersise routine and i lost 24 pounds =^.^= jkjk

  15. Giggle69able says:

    lol all of those …
    lol all of those were sexual positions and at the end he faked masterbating.

  16. CrazedJer says:

    the baydrialls part …
    the baydrialls part looks like the Otso Otso song

  17. oJUDAYALo says:

    haha zooming into …
    haha zooming into his crotch 😛

  18. TheMcMichael15 says:

    Imao 2:43 – 3:23 …
    Imao 2:43 – 3:23 Lol

  19. galaxxy09 says:

    i followed your …
    i followed your routine , its pretty helpfull.
    My girlfriend started having sex with me more for somereason so i think it works , thanks again.

  20. raplife101 says:

    This is so awkward …
    This is so awkward ._.

  21. ClockworkPolitics says:

    So many people …
    So many people saying “he had a boner”. Either they’ve never seen a boner, or they themselves have tiny cocks. It is possible for a to be visible through tight clothing when it’s flacid….. morons

  22. invaderpink says:


  23. coakleychannel says:

    it look like ur …
    it look like ur jacking off o_o!!!!!!!!

  24. Akaalis says:

    are you fukin …
    are you fukin serious?

    this guy is completely calm but you know he’s tryin ta be funny

  25. macirockstar3 says:

    tht routine looks …
    tht routine looks like a bunch of bs, but you looked so serious, no jokes or anything? does this rouyine actually work?

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