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How To Build The Best Upper Body

posted by admin on June 22nd, 2010

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25 Responses to “How To Build The Best Upper Body”

  1. makingthebest09 says:

    My private email is …
    My private email is in the ebook…ask me a question anytime you like. It is my free gift for downloading any of the ebooks…~ahmad

  2. arulrulez says:

    that looks easy bt …
    that looks easy bt trust me realy working…thanks men for te tips……

  3. itaboi100 says:

    Thanks man…this …
    Thanks man…this will help alot!

  4. Ethaninja says:

    @makingthebest09 …
    @makingthebest09 Alright thanks mate. I’m assuming these include things like V8 juice?

  5. makingthebest09 says:

    @22shroomster I’ve …
    @22shroomster I’ve always loved working out since younger…checkout my facebook : “ahmad baari”

  6. makingthebest09 says:

    @Ethaninja not at …
    @Ethaninja not at all…just make sure to drink your fruits then…get a fruit smoothie on occassion. The high protein is great for keeping and building muscle. Just make sure to get in your vitamins and key aminos and minerals too…ok?~ahmad

  7. Ethaninja says:

    @makingthebest09 …
    @makingthebest09 Cheers mate 😉 I don’t eat much fruit or veggies however (I ere on the side of carnivore more, would that be a huge rockblock?

  8. 22shroomster says:

    @makingthebest09 …
    @makingthebest09 Okay that makes more sense.I realize now that I have been doing that but never realized it.Thanks for your videos they are a big motivator for me.You are a built guy yourself! How long did it take for you to get your physique? Probably years right?

  9. makingthebest09 says:

    @22shroomster …
    @22shroomster Compound exercise is a movement that combines 2 or more moves. Like doing a bicep curl then pressing the weight overhead, then doing a calf raise…follow me? If you balance out your work, with eating, and rest you should see a change within 5-6 consecutive workouts.~ahmad

  10. makingthebest09 says:

    @crswalker I think …
    @crswalker I think some of the moves in the day 26 of 30 clip will work for standing abs…I think that is the ab clip where I use the medicine ball…~ahmad

  11. makingthebest09 says:

    @pianoteachings …
    @pianoteachings everyone’s body is different…this is where the fun in wellness comes in. You must find out, based on how much activity you are doing…how much you should eat. Go by how your clothes feel. Rule is to try and get in 4-6 small meals a day…watch the lesson 2-4 clips…or get the ebooks…~ahmad

  12. 22shroomster says:

    @makingthebest09 …
    @makingthebest09 Okay I am kind of unclear on what you mean by compound exercises. Could you kindly explain what they are? And also how long would it take before I see visible results? Thanks again for writing back!

  13. makingthebest09 says:

    @Nchamp12 That’s a …
    @Nchamp12 That’s a great start! You need to however increase the amount of activity and also improve the food choices 85 percent of the time to see the love handles go. My ebook talks of this…also check out the lesson 2-4 clips…~ahmad

  14. makingthebest09 says:

    @22shroomster What …
    @22shroomster What you should try doing is to do compound exercises…like the ones in the GYM clips with my friend Cindy. We do compound exercises to preserve and build muscle fast. You want to also work with a weight that will make your muscles fail during the last 3 reps…of a 10-12 reps set….ok? If using body weight only., then reduce rest time between sets…

  15. makingthebest09 says:

    @Ethaninja my …
    @Ethaninja my pleasure…you want to keep the cardio, fruit and veggie intake high, and the starchy carb and negative thinking/people zero….you will make it if you stick around here…~ahmad

  16. Ethaninja says:

    Thanks man I can …
    Thanks man I can finally work out at home 😉 Although I still have a fair amount of flubber from my fat days, (not too much though, about a month of workout should get rid of it) so I’ll be buying and exercise bike first before I try these out 😉

    Cheers again mate.

  17. 22shroomster says:

    Hey Ahmad! I have …
    Hey Ahmad! I have been doing the workout for about a week now that you showed in this clip and I have some questions.How long does it take to see visible results?I have never had success in building muscle before(I understand it will hard work). I am a very tall and slender guy who wants to have a good looking upper body.Also when I work out I feel like I am just building endurance not gaining muscle.What can I do to see results?By the way love your video’s!!
    Thanks for posting!!!

  18. Nchamp12 says:

    Hey, I’m young but …
    Hey, I’m young but by putting some of your workout techniques and some of my own I’ve gotten pretty built – like a football player [Big arms, chest, wide upper body, strong legs], but I’m wondering why I can’t get rid of the love-handles and lower stomach fat that I have.. Is there any type of diet I should do? I’ve recently started to cut back on things like soda and junk food.

  19. pianoteachings says:

    how many calories …
    how many calories should i eat every day?

  20. Toftyyyyy says:

    Hey maan i will try …
    Hey maan i will try to follow your work-out tacs : )

  21. Toftyyyyy says:

    Nice man
    Nice man

  22. Toftyyyyy says:

    nice man nice
    nice man nice

  23. crswalker says:

    Hi, I’m trying to …
    Hi, I’m trying to work on a six pac but recently hurt my back so I can no longer do sit ups… But any exercises standing up reduce stress on my back and seem to allow me to do them, but are there any standing up for a six pac? A link to one of your videos maybe? thank you

  24. Haerdur says:

    I totally love the …
    I totally love the music choice! 😀

  25. nicholascwb says:

    @Beechy92 eat more …
    @Beechy92 eat more and get more fleshier than do dumbells or weight lifting

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