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Epic Sexy Abs Workout

posted by admin on July 17th, 2010

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Duration : 0:13:17


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25 Responses to “Epic Sexy Abs Workout”

  1. MissSwissKetchup says:

    Hey, I saw that you …
    Hey, I saw that you once lived in Prague, so do you know anything worth seeing? I`m going there in about a week, and I would like to visit some cultural stuff or some nice restaurants..

  2. travacef says:

    Hey Zuzana, Oh …
    Hey Zuzana, Oh won’t you cry for me? I come from Louisiana with a banjo on my knee (:

  3. NYJetsFuel says:

    I would give you …
    I would give you 10,000 bucks for you to beat me up in a boxing ring lol

  4. quepasarick says:

    I see you have been …
    I see you have been catching some sun rays. LQQKIN GOOD!

  5. BchGal44 says:

    lol, i tried that …
    lol, i tried that first exercise several months ago when i first saw you do it and i really messed up my knee…hurt for months…oh well…love ur vids…:D

  6. callyairis says:

    body rock tv works …
    body rock tv works so hard … is it just me?

  7. HoolaHonoluluHoney says:

    the snowboarder- …
    the snowboarder- i’ve been doing them wrong.
    i was just squatting & evenly distributing the weight. crap!
    thanks for breaking down the workout. BIG help.

  8. ferh27 says:


  9. seanseanseanseansean says:

    Ninja jump ducks?
    Ninja jump ducks?

  10. monsterabyss240692 says:

    ive said this so …
    ive said this so many times but i cant believe how perfect you are

  11. Oniyxeclipse says:

    Spectacular! Love …
    Spectacular! Love the last work out. I know i’ve achieved something when I can feel my muscles continuously tighten. I’m addicted.

  12. sippingtequila says:

    i still cant acces …
    i still cant acces it¡¡¡¡ are you still working in the site??? 🙁
    is anyone still having problems???

  13. TheMsMoooingcow says:


  14. modernkitten says:

    Hey Zuzana,

    I …
    Hey Zuzana,

    I just wanted to say how much I loved this video because of the way you break down and explain the exercises. I really like this format, maybe you can use it again in the next workout? I like being able to see you doing the exercise in full view sometimes rather than in small focused parts because then I can get a better idea of what you’re doing.

    I love your channel and read your blog like everyday! You’ve really inspired me to change my lifestyle.

    <3 in NYC/AMS!!!

  15. vanillafully says:

    yup all jumps I …
    yup all jumps I can’t do it…my neighbour could complain for the noise! Great job btw!

  16. ZenMaster93 says:

    I love U haha
    I love U haha

  17. NPRLover says:

    OMG the exercise …
    OMG the exercise you do at the start……Jesus I can’t even try and do that…..you are my idol.

  18. RamblinAround says:

    Awesome……I’ve …
    Awesome……I’ve always wanted epic abs. Really like your vids…keep up the good work.

  19. johnydangerous10 says:

    true sign of being …
    true sign of being dedicated. Hooray to that. Glad everything got back up on teh site

  20. Suertsje says:

    Thank you ^ ^ …
    Thank you ^ ^ especially for the beginnerstips

  21. automaticlov3r says:

    yeeey bodyrock.tv …
    yeeey bodyrock.tv is up again and i can actually access it! (i couldn’t before at all!) so awesome/thumbs up for fixng it 🙂

  22. ninaalltheway1 says:

    Yippeeeee :))) …
    Yippeeeee :))) Thank you g

  23. deadnerves says:

    how many years does …
    how many years does it takes for abs like that?

  24. eadohc says:

    great workout!! Im …
    great workout!! Im starting this right now.

  25. spindryer1 says:

    thanks for …
    thanks for explaining i was getting worried lol.

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