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I have a 2.5 yr old boxer/sheppard mix who loves to run, jump and fetch. Just recently after running for a while and when we have started to walk home his one back leg appears to cramp up- this has happened 3 times in 2 months. I typically rub the area and he seems fine and will keep walking. He doesn’t whimper, appear to be in pain or anything just seems to have a cramp. Is this normal like an athlete would cramp up or something more? I REALLY spoil this dog and he is pampered like no one else so he is in great shape and gets plenty of exercise. Is this just normal or something I should have checked?

He needs to go to the vet. He’s got some sort of knee injury or problem.

The symptoms sound very similar to what you’d see in a luxating patella. And yes, it can happen to big dogs, too.


But in any event, he needs to be checked out, yes. Keep him from hard running and any jumping until you get to the vet. Leash walks only. You don’t want to make the problem worse.

I am a thirty two year old female. Over the last ten years or so I have had these episodes with my back where I have extreme pain in my back and hip. One time the pain was so bad that I blacked out. I had one of these episodes about three weeks ago and after about two weeks of self pain management with rest, ice ,celebrex, and exercise I decided to go to the doctor. After x-rays I was told that I have arthritic changes in my back and was put on flexeril and mobic. So far they have been no help. I have moderate to severe lower back, leg, and butt pains. It is worse when I walk on my left leg, and worse after I have sat for very long or after I’ve slept. The pain in by leg and butt never go away but.Does this sound like it’s just arthritis or is something else going on? Should I explore it more?

I have been suffering with the same thing since I was quite young and now almost 40 and have another appointment with a specialist on Monday. I hope they can figure this out. It seems to be getting worse. My pain also goes down my legs and they go completely numb. I hate it. It is also in my bottocks.

You may have a pinched nerve? What types of doctors have you seen? Have you tried going to the Chiropractor or a physcial therapist? I had those shots in the back once and they really helped me, but I haven’t had them since.

There are more therapies besides drugs. Keep trying and demanding until you hit on something that helps.

I do Straight leg toe touchs, twisted situps, situp, leg extension, and side bends for my abs but what are some good legs, arms and back exercise.
I do own a ball and have few videos

for your arms invest in a pair of dumbbells that are about 5-10pounds depending on what look your going for (fit or muscular). You can do tricepts extensions, arm lifts, or a modified bench press with them. For your legs do leg lifts, lunges (lunges are great for your legs and butt) and high kicks in front of you without bending your leg or losing balance. For your back do push-ups, back bend, and some dumbell back twists.


I am a professional dog walker. I take groups of dogs to local parks to play and frolic.

I have a beautiful old lab girl. She is divine. She has a enlarged heart which pushes up on her ribs, which can make it hard to breath. She can get very puffy easily. She also has wobbly back legs.

She comes out with me every day, obviously she isn’t up for a run – although she loves having and a outing in the car, visiting new parks, having a bit of a sniff and a sit down for the most of it. On bad days, she gets out of my car, walks 5 meters has a poo and a wee and wants to get back in to my car.

On good days (usually when the weather is much cooler) she will enjoy a light walk.

She will generally follow me around and be right at my side. On her bad days I literally have to sit down right next to her other wise she will push herself to hard to be with me.

My question is; on these good days – should I encourage her to exercise a little more? Would it be better for her to have a bit more of a walk when possible? Or would it cause more stress on her?

She is under vet care.
omg – im not going to kill her. she is perfectly happy and enjoys her outings. He owner and I always talk about her outings and her health. Im just wondering if others might see a bit more exercise as of benefit or not.

This is a question to ask her vet. There are many kinds of heart disease and they can cause different reactions to exercise, so find out from the vet who is treating her condition what her limitations are. For most dogs, even those with heart disease, light exercise is advisable to keep their condition from declining further. But you should always consult the vet who is treating the condition before making any changes in her exercise patterns.

Going on vacation soon and want to make sure every part of my body gets toned. The only muscle group I can really seem to get going is the back upper part of my leg (near your butt lol). Does anyone know any good exercises for that?

Deadlift. You can use dumbbells or a straight bar. Slight bend in your knee, feet about 3 inches apart. Back straight and flat and bend down until you are at about parallel to the floor (more or less depending on your flexibility). Remember to keep your back flat, don’t round your shoulders or hunch) keep your shoulder blades squeezed together. Keep the bar or dumbbells close to your thighs/shins on the way down and back up. 3 sets or 15 to 20 reps at a medium weight should do it.
Also, step ups. I prefer dumbbells. At your sides in front of a weight bench. Step up with your right leg and then "step up". Touch your toe on your left leg to the side of the bench (helps you stabilize) then ease yourself back down. Do this 10 times on each leg for 3 sets. This time at a lower to medium weight you can handle fairly easily at first until you get the hang of it. Some people are quite unstable initially.

Not swimming (I cannot swim)

To work your hamstrings (rear upper leg) try lunges and squats. You will also work other major muscles of the legs simultaneously. These can be done with your own body weight, so they are convenient, but you can also add weight such as a body bar or dumbells. If your have weights or access to weights, your should also try Romanian dead lifts. I think they’re great for the hamstrings. Make sure to always use proper form. You can find out about any of these exercises online. Good luck!!

I’m 22 and since about a year ago, I’ve been having lower back pain that’s been getting worst. I don’t do sports and there was no injury to the area. It comes and goes but it’s causing me more pain now and the pain is also in my legs. The pain is worst when I lie down at night and its a sharp pain radiating to a dull pain. The leg pain feels like nerve pain and it’s been making my legs very weak and I have trouble walking at times. I also get this weird tingling sensation in my lower body and it makes my legs weak and knees buckle. I’ve been to several doctors and they told me it was muscle pain at first, told me to exercise, and gave me anti-inflammatory meds. None of that worked, and they are having xrays dones and my CT scan is schedule for monday. I’m pretty nervous, and the doctory said she does not know what it is without the test results and does not know what the problem could be. Anyone have similar experiences and can tell me what it was or any ideas what it could be?
Will CT scans always be helpful to find out problems relating to my back pain? Seems like some of you think that I should not be getting a CT scan. What is the worst possible problem that could be causing my pain? I just want to be prepared. I don’t do any lifting or heavy exercise, so the slipped disc thing seems weird… Does it just happen?

it could be a pinched nerve caused by a herniated disk.

I have cellulite and very little muscle in that region. I want to know a fast way to get rid of it, no matter how often ihave to work out!
thank you so much!

Ummm maybe you should work out a bit harder! Maybe during work since you seem to have alot of free time on your hands! Oh & maybe get some cream & rub it in the area of interest! Go for it girl, you’re a winner!!!!

Hello all. For the past three days, I feel like someone beat me on this part of the legs with a bat. I can’t walk for more than 7 minutes or it hurts and feels like I will fall and I get dizzy. I also can’t bend on the knees or have trouble getting up from a chair, very painful. I havent been doing any exercise nor strenuous activities lately. I took the car to work and hardly even walked. I get these pains from time to time but never like this. I sm not menstruating or nowhere near it. The ONLY thing I can think of is that I had a bad kidney/urinary tract infection a few days ago and treating it with antibiotis. Any help?

It sounds like you may have a pinched sciatic nerve. I find that if I have been sitting for long periods of time I have the same problem. I usually go to my chiropractor and, if I can, get a massage and it really helps.

How often should I do an exercise routine?

posted by admin on February 24th, 2010

I’m doing a bodyweight exercises comprising of arm, ab, lower back and leg exercises. I would like to know how many times a week I should do it to get optimum results ( I want a six pack for the summer)
By the way I’m only 13

Work out a different group everyday. IE-
Monday- Chest
Tuesday- Back
Wednesday- Legs
Thursday- Arms
Friday- Shoulders
Then do a cardio session once a week, swimming is the best in my opinion. Rest Sunday (and Saturday if you don’t do cardio that day). Eat healthy, and a lot, four to six times a day. Your abs never fatigue, even though they get sour, so you can work them everyday. But it’s better to let them rest every other. Same with your calves. Switch up what exercises you do for what muscle group and get lot’s of sleep- 7-9 hours. And drink a lot of water! Good luck with the six pack!

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