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My dog became a diabetic and when he turned into a diabetic he lost a lot of weight and muscle too. So, it left his hind legs week and that’s not good.

swimming. It forces your dog to use his legs and hips but doesn’t put as much pressure on his joints as hiking or jogging would. Just make sure you are holding on to him or he has a life jacket on in case his legs give out or he gets too tired.

His cage is Cambridge Hamaster Cage, which has 3 levels. He doesn’t climb the bars and not even run on the wheels for months. He’s not a big Syrian so I thought he’s got enough exercise by walking up and down the cage. He’s like a furry humpty-dumpty. I seen him fell off from the top platform (which isn’t that high) and landed on the thick woodshavings once months ago. Seen him fell off his back and rolled down from the 1st floor of his cage and landed on his back a few times, doesn’t seems bothering him too much. Don’t know what he’s been doing during the night, he seems dragging one of his back legs recently. Only when he’s walking on the woodshavings and stepping from the platform onto the ramp, not very obvious when just walking on the plastic platform. I’ve removed his wheel few days ago, since he hasn’t been on the wheel for months anyway. Should I also remove all the plastic platforms until he walks normally again??? Please help!

Lots of hamsters do not run wheels they hate them so no probs on that .

The suspected injury thing , and not using the wheel.

I suspect it has hurt itself in or on the wheel and that why it stays clear of it , possible broken toes or bones from a wheel or a badly dislocate hip or joint..
If it is more than a month ago that it stopped being active then the break / injury will have healed and you have a lame hamster.. if it is eating and drinking OK then it is managing and it could live to 18 months to 3 years old.

Leave the toys in the cage as hamsters like to rub up against things they have scent marked and sometimes they just like to lay in them rather than play with them.

Check the rear end of the hamster, is it dry beneath its tail or has it got wet tail. (a dark wet area and it smells evil , not that clean musty smell you normally find)

Like I have said on prevoius posts I farmed hamsters and other small mammals by the thousands for 16years. So my advice is if it has got wet tail have it put down humanely ..nothing cures wet tail in a hamster over about 4 months old.

If it has wet tail from shock of cold / draughts , handling , injury or disease it will have gone too far by the time you see and smell it…its kidneys are starting to fail and it will be in pain.
Hamsters are naturally incontinient and wet tail is the result of an illness injury or infection that makes it worse.

A vet might sell you some antibiotics to try and add to its water for a cure it but they rarely work. I had a couple of vets who used telephone to ask me for help etc in diagnosing and helping out WRT small rodents at their surgery .

Should you have your worst scenario ….before you get another hamster wash out everyting in hot soapy water , rinse it off , disolve any urine scale with lemon juice over a couple of sessions , use a bit of wood to rub it in and start breaking it up , don’t use a sharp implement , when its all off re wash the cages and all gear , rinse and then spray them with a solution of baby bottle sterilizer ( correctly diluted MILTON ) leave it on for an hour or so then rinse off and let it dry over night before getting that furry replacement.


Lower back and leg pains after exercising?

posted by admin on August 08th, 2010

So for most of my life I’ve been pretty inactive, but recently started to exercise (mainly jogging.) Is it possible that my body is not used to the stress of exercising which is leading to pain ?

Jogging has a lot of impact and may cause a lot of problems with your joints. You should do something which has less impact. You could use a good elliptical which would minimize the impact or a stationary bike or a stair climber. Swimming would be a good way to start out as well.

Any exercises for butt/back of legs?

posted by admin on July 29th, 2010

I have very toned calves and butt, but for some reason the back of my legs just are not toned enough for my liking. Cellulite unfortunatley runs in our family, and I’ve tried lots of exercises, just nothing appears to work.

Its pretty much only the part of my leg where it connects to my butt.

Please Help!

ok try those excercises…u might’ve tried those before but eh..
leg extention…leg curl…seated leg press, u might not wanna do this if u want but squats are good too, do it in indurance program…3-4 sets of 12-15 reps….on each excercise wit h light weight…also do some form of cardio like the bike or stairs climber or running…eliptical isn’t much good

I am 19 and I won’t to build muscle. I normally work out for 2 hrs and 15 minutes. My routine consists of biking for an hour and a half and then arms, back, and core exercises. I want to build muscle, so should I rotate the exercises to give my muscles a rest in between?

There is scientific data that suggests that you can build more muscle working out muscle groups twice a week than just once a week. Even 3 times a week would be OK as long as you have a minimum of 48 hours of rest in between work outs for those muscle groups. If bulking up is your goal, you need to do some lower body workouts because natural testosterone and HGH are stored in our thigh and butt muscles. Working out these muscles releases those natural hormones to the rest of our body working as a kind of natural steroid. Do all of your exercises in 4 sets with 8-12 reps. Less than 8-12 reps will build more strength, and more reps will tone your muscles more, but 8-12 reps builds the most size. Also, focus on doing multi-joint movements (more than one joint moves to perform the exercise). Multi-joint movements are scientifically proven to build the most size and strength.

If I had enough free time, this would be my exact schedule:

Monday and Thursday: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

Barbell Bench Press (5 X 10)
Dumbbell Incline Bench Press (5 X 10)
Dips (5 X 10)
Dumbbell Butterflies (5 X 10)

Dumbell Shoulder Press (5 X 10)
Dumbebell Lateral Raises (5 X 10)
Dumbbell Rear Deltoid Raises (5 X 10)

Close Grip Bench Press (5 X 10)
EZ Bar Lying Tricep Extensions {AKA Skull crushers} (5 X 10)
Cable Tricep Press Downs (5 X 10)
Bench Dips (5 X 10)

Tuesday and Friday: Legs, Back, Biceps, Core

Legs and Back:
Barbell Squat (5 X 10) -superset with- Pull-Ups (5 sets of as many reps as you can)
Leg Extensions (5 X 10) -superset with- Chin- Ups (5 sets of as many reps as you can)
Leg Curls (5 X 10) -superset with- Lat Pull Down (5 X 10)
Calf Raises (5 X 10) -superset with- Low Rows (5 X 10)

Note: Supersets are 2 sets of exercises focusing on different body parts done back to back with little or no rest in between. It is used as a time saving measure.

Barbell Curl (5 X 10)
EZ Bar Preacher Curl (5 X 10)
Dumbbell Hammer Curls (5 X 10)
Cable Rope Curls (5 X 10)

Sit-ups (4 sets of as many reps as you can) super set with Back Extensions (4 sets of as many reps as you can)
Lying Leg Raises (4 sets of as many reps as you can) – This blast that area below your belly button. Do it for 2 months and that fat will be gone. Keep doing it and it will never come back!

Your ultimate goal for core is to be able to do 4 sets of 25 reps for all exercises.

Rest 1-2 minutes between sets. No less, no more.

Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday: Rest.

If you have enough money I would strongly recommend that you buy Creatine. Creatine is a supplement that helps people gain weight and strength quickly. It has been around for over 15 years and there are no negative side effects. In fact, there are several other health benefits besides improved size and strength. If you can take protein powder too, that would definitely help you gain weight.

Good luck!

I want to really get my butt and back of thighs in shape. leg lifts and squats seem to not work them very hard. what can i do at home? I have a exercise ball.

I’ve been cycling and doing TONS of squats for months now! Do that! My rear end is nice and hard! Really hard! It used to look like a pancake but now there is a small bump back there. And my thighs, they are 17/18 inches so that definitely works for toning the thighs. Also, speed walking on an intense incline.

I have been workin out for 2 months. i’m watching what i eat and drinking plenty of water. i work out for 1 hr and now i started this week to workout 1 hr before work and 1/2 an hr after work. results are slow. i do 20 mins of cardio and 20 of weights and 20 of waist and stomach exercises for my 1 hr then for 30 after work i do 20 cardio and 10 stomach.

Im guessing that you are asking how to lose fat and the best way to tell you to do that is to bump up the cardio! Before you can tone your muscles you need to lose the fat that is stored on top of your muscles. Cardio and dieting are the best and quickest way to lose fat. I reccomend at least 30 minutes of cardio at a time, any less and your heart rate isnt really getting where it needs to be and you wont sweat as much and you wont burn the fat.

Once youve done that, you can start lifting weights to tone, but realize, spot reducing isnt possible. Weights will make your muscles stronger and your muscles will burn more calories. This is what will make you look lean.

Good luck!

1)no red meat, only chicken, turkey, and fish
2)lots of water
3)healthy foods like salad, fruits, veggies, whole grains
4)3 meals and 1 snack everyday
5)no unhealthy foods like sweets and junk food
6)1 free day a week
7)semi low carb style
8)low calorie style
9)eat until full and eat slowly so you know when you’re actually full
10)only drink water, milk, and healthy fruit drinks(homemade ones, like smoothies or from a juicer)

Workout plan: (6 days a week for about 1 hour and 10 or 20 minutes)(1 day off-same day as the day off from diet)

stretching(before and after exercise)(arms, stomach, back, legs, glutes, neck)

30 minutes a day of run/jog/walking(around my block I will run 1 whole block around, jog 1, then walk 1, then run 1, and so on)

30 minutes of conditioning(crunches,side crunches, pushups, tricep dips, back reaches, superman move(for back), donkey kicks, sit down squats, inner thigh lifts, hip lifts)

It all depends on how well you actualy stick to it. You can do great all week with your eating, then gain 5 lbs on you day off because you feel the need to indulge. If you allow yourself yo eat what you want, but in smaller portion sizes, you can definetly lose weight.

Lauren <3

I recently started doing a lot of midsection exercises including leg flutters for the lower back. About a week later, parts of my left leg and foot started to go painfully numb for about an hour (two separate occasions). Could my exercises have caused a pinched nerve?

Pinched nerves usually occur within several hours of injury – if you’re doing the exercises daily, then it’s likely you’re not stretching enough (if you’re stretching at all) before beginning your routine. If the pain and numbness is down into the foot, that’s a pinched nerve in the lower lumbar area, between L4 and S1. You’ll be able to tell as it’ll feel like a 10gage needle in your back.

If the pain is just in the leg and you don’t feel anything in the back, then it’s probably not related to the exercises. The lumbar nerve pathways are specific and traceable, and if you’ve irritated a nerve enough to feel it in your legs and foot, then you should definitely feel it in your back. In fact, you’d have a hard time walking and standing at all.

It’s easy to pinch a nerve temporarily if you’re doing the exercises incorrectly (wrong position), are resting on something that’s pressing into the nerve, or as I said previously, if you’re not flexible enough. Most people don’t bother to stretch at all before beginning to exercise, or don’t stretch enough. Anything less than 20-30 minutes isn’t enough.

There’s an easy way to figure out if the problem is related to your exercises or not – stop doing them for a week. You’ll know one way or the other by then.

I have just started learning a form of kenjutsu, though I have many years experience in other martial arts. After doing a cutting exercise for 15-20 minutes, I noticed that when I straightened out of the stance and put weight on my back (left) leg, it wouldn’t stop shaking. When I bent it, it was fine, but straightening the knee would make my whole leg tremble. This lasted for hours after class, diminishing over time.

Chudan is a swordsman stance where the weight of the body is distributed evenly between the front and back legs. Before I knew this, I did the exercise incorrectly, shuffling back (putting most of the weight on the back leg), shuffling forward (transferring weight to the front leg) and then returning 60-70% weight to the back leg. I have plenty of experiences with other stances and this has never happened to me before. Could anyone tell me what was happening and how to prevent/minimise it in the future?

you’re over trained your legs, and probably while standing in Chudan… you also stand in a wrong position ex: your knee is bent forward too much so if you take a straight line between your toes and your knee it will be over your toes… i see most of this problem in these kind of stance, the student don;t want to sink their hips more, so they bent their knee more. to make your stance more stable you must find your center of gravity and sink your stance to it. even when you move… never lose your center, it makes your movement more fluid just by sinking your weight in to your center.
Bent your "gua" (area between your thigh and your hips) more…your leg must be forming a 90 degree angle this is call sinking.

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