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Best Tight Exercises for Cyclists

posted by kitya on October 21st, 2009

photo by richardmasoner

photo by richardmasoner

Cycling is one of the best tight exercises to tone our muscles but maintaining flexibility in muscles is prone to tightening through a simple set of key stretching exercises which should be practiced everyday for maximum benefit. Practicing some essential cycling stretches on a regular basis can prevent such problems from occurring and prevention is always better than a cure. All these stretching exercises for cyclists are best done after a ride when the body and muscles are still warm.

Quadriceps Stretch – Bend your knee behind you so that you can grasp your foot, holding your heel against your butt. Stand up straight and push your knee gently back as far as you can, the hand just keeps the heel in place. Repeat with the other leg to start with your best tight exercises.

Calf Stretch – When calf muscles become tight, the risk of muscle or Achilles tendon tears and injury increases. For this reason, it is important to stretch tight calf muscles as well. Here it is, face a wall and stand 12 inches away from it. Extend one leg behind you, keeping both feet flat on the floor and your rear knee straight. Lean toward the wall until you feel tension in the calf muscle of the extended leg. (You can put your arms on the wall for support. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat with other leg.

Hamstring Stretch – Lean on the bike and bend over at the waist. Place one foot forwards and the other directly behind to form a triangle. Lower the body slightly with the weight on the front foot, which is where the hamstring stretch should be felt. Increase the stretch by lowering the body still further if comfortable and repeat with the other leg. Doing the same thing on both legs are important if you want to have the same balance result for your routine in best tight exercises.

Here’s a video for tight exercises. Try these unique exercises at home!