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Announcement: Top Three Glutes Work Outs

posted by kitya on September 22nd, 2009

If you want to have a butt like J Lo or Beyonce, you need to take glutes work out seriously.

There are a lot of glutes work out programs that you can easily find. There are those that claim to have the best results. There are those who claim to give you the best effects in the shortest period of time, and there are those that claim to be the most effective. But the problem is, after exerting efforts and spending long hours exercising you still end up with your flat butt.

The secret to having your dream butt without surgery or cosmetic enhancements is to find a glute exercise that suits you best, maintain it and stick to it. In no time, you will see the results that you have been dying to get.

One of the best glute work outs is known as the “back-lunge”. This is easy to execute and can be perfect for beginners. First, you need to stand straight and keep your feet together. Make it a point to keep your abs tight and put your chest out. If you are not using any extra weight, you can put your hands on your hips. If you are using extra weight, put your hands on the sides. Start by stepping your right foot forward and bend both of your knees as low as you possibly can. If you can make your right knee touch the floor, the better. As you do this, remember to keep your left shin straight with your right ankle. Pull yourself up until you are back in the standing straight position again. When you are standing, squeeze your butt. Repeat the exercise again using the other leg and vice versa. Executing this exercise means you need to watch your balance and to stay tight as long as you possibly can.

Another glute work out that is sure to make your butt increase in size is known as the Sumo or Ballerina squats. First, you need to stand with your legs about 1 foot apart. This can be a bit tricky. The rule of thumb is to make your legs stand apart as much as 1 foot wider than your shoulders. Point your toes in an outward direction. Just like the “back-lunge”, remember to keep your chest out and your abs tight. You can use a barbell or extra weight for your arms as well. Using both of your hands, you can hold the dumbbells behind your back. Then try to lower yourself. Leaning forward or not going down too deep will make you lose the effect of the workout. Be sure to maintain a straight back as you lower yourself. As much as possible, squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor. As you execute this work out, remember to push through using your heels at the same time squeezing your butt and thighs.

The last step is known as the “one leg bench step up”. This glute exercise maybe a bit hard but it certainly is worth the effort. Find a bench and stand in front of it. Make sure that the bench is bolted on the floor so that risk of having injuries or accidents is minimized. Stand in the bench and begin to squat down using your left leg only. Keep in mind to curl your left leg up. Use your arms to pull yourself up back into the bench. Use your hamstrings and glutes to help you get back to the original standing position.

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Simple Exercises to Firm your Legs

posted by kitya on June 23rd, 2010


by: cellulite187

Are you interested in simple, but greatly effective exercises to firm your legs, that you can do just anywhere, anytime at your convenient? You don’t have to visit the gym or something; all you have to do is read and follow these exercises below. That’s all.


-Legs Workout for the Quadriceps- quadriceps is the big muscles in the front of the upper leg. Having strong quads will really help with the whole strength of the leg. These muscles are very powerful when trained right and for a woman can mean some really nice curves. Here are the important moves for your quadriceps muscle:
Squat – The squat is by far the best leg workout for the quadriceps. To heat things up more, add heavy dumbbells to the equation. Hold them either at your sides or on your shoulders. Perform around 40 of these.
Front Lunge – To make this move effective; go forward slowly to engage the quads more. You can add dumbbells to this exercise as well.
-Legs Workout for the Calves- You can identify easily when a woman is fit when you see a nice shapely calf at the end of her legs. They can be a difficult muscle to work and usually only appear after months of running every day. But if you do it right, you can start seeing those puppies after just a few weeks. Try to raise your calf; you can either do it in a rocking motion from your heels to your toes. You can do it with one foot for a greater challenge. You can also do it seated on an exercise ball.
-Legs Workout for the Hamstrings- This part of the body gets a little closer to the tush. When worked right, it will give a good cut between your legs and your butt, a very good thing when wearing tight jeans.
Deadlifts – This move is a reproduction of a very familiar move you do everyday:            lift things up. When you bend over and stand back up, that is essentially a deadlift. Obviously you may want more resistance for a better legs workout. You can do it one legged or with added weight. Both will work.
Exercise Ball Roll – This is obviously done, as the name implies, with an exercise ball. Lie on your back with both heels resting on the ball. Push your body up to form a straight line from your heels to your shoulders. Point one leg up in the air and roll the ball in toward your body with the other heel. Do it again with the opposite leg. This is a little more difficult leg workout for the hamstrings.
-Leg Workout for the Thighs- The inner and outer thighs are a common problem area for women. These are technically called the abductors and adductors. The great leg exercise for these muscles is the Leg lifts, to do that you have to lay on your side on do this standing up; either way it targets your thigh. For the outer thigh, lift the outer leg up or out. With the inner thigh, work the inner leg up or in.

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Great Exercises to Firm Your Legs

posted by kitya on June 21st, 2010

by: cellulite187

Being fit is the interaction of all the muscles in your body working together to complete a certain task, and the fitter you are, the easier that task will be. It is about your fitness being functional. It is a combination of qualities that enable us to be at our full potential in performing vigorous physical activities. Physical Fitness involves the performance of the heart, lungs, and the muscles of the body.


Fitness also influences our mental and emotional development since what we do with our bodies also affects what we can do with our minds.
Staying fit does not mean that you have to be exclusively working out for a majority of your time. There are a few simple exercises that you can perform without any kind of specialization that will help you to keep fit.

Listed below are a few leg exercises that are simple to perform and will help you keep fit and healthy.

  • Spinning is one of the best exercises to firm your legs. This can be done with the help of a stationary bike. You can also use a regular bike for this exercise. This will also involve the use of several other muscles. You can also burn a lot of fat doing this exercise.This exercise will help to tone your calves and also aid you to reduce the celluloid fat in your body.


  • Knee exercises are also a good option. These exercises are particularly helpful for people who have problems with their knee. Sit with your back straight on a chair. Keep the thighs parallel to the ground and the lower leg vertical to the ground. Tense your thighs and release the tension after five seconds. Alternatively do this ten times for both the legs.
  • Another good exercise is the cross leg push. For this, sit up straight on the chair. Cross your legs at the ankles. Push forward with the rear leg and backward with the other. Cross your legs alternatively and repeat these exercises ten times each for both the legs.


  • Calf burns are also good exercises to firm your legs. Stand up straight and then lift up your heels so that you are standing at the balls of your feet. Maintain this position for about ten seconds and then repeat again. Repeat this exercise ten times. This will help you to develop strength and balance on your feet.


  • Skipping is a good exercise to help tone up your legs. It can be a little difficult for first timers but once you get used to the rhythm it becomes fun and easy to do.

I am sure you must have got a great time reading the exercises on how to firm your legs. If you want to be counted amongst beautiful girls with great legs, follow the exercises mentioned above.

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Effective Exercises to Firm your Legs

posted by kitya on June 19th, 2010


by: In the Fitness of Things

Based on Studies conducted, about 40% of women are distracted about the appearance of their legs. We cannot deny that having a toned leg is an asset that is sure to make any woman more attractive and more confident. The moment you have great looking legs, you are free to wear short shorts or sexy skirts. There is no need to worry about cellulites, varicose vein and other irregularities that can make one overly conscious about the way their legs look like.


Any leg exercise that you select should be based on your ultimate goal. For instance, you will be doing different exercise for building muscle strength, improving balance or increasing your endurance for running longer distances. No doubt some exercises to firm up your legs will overlap, but on the whole you should concentrate on what you want to achieve.
Spinning is a simple exercise that helps to strengthen and tone the leg muscles. This can be done on a stationary bike or a regular bicycle. However, when using a regular bicycle, you should know that you will not be able to control the exercise completely and will end up using more groups of muscles besides the ones in your legs.

Cycling on a stationary bike for 15 minutes will help to work out your calf muscles, hamstrings and quads. In addition, it will improve the flexibility of your joints, and help to reduce fat and cellulite. It is also considered to be an excellent cardio workout so you will be reaping twofold benefits.

Elderly people who are looking to strengthen their knees can opt for something that is less demanding physically. Here is a simple knee exercise that can immensely benefit those suffering from knee pains.

Sit up erect on a straight-back chair. However, make sure that your body is in a relaxed state. Rest your feet on the ground in such a manner so that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Now, tighten the muscles of your thigh and hold the position for 5 seconds. Repeat this exercise in the other leg. Do this exercise ten times for each leg, alternating each leg. This exercise will not only help to strengthen your leg muscles, but will also aid in improve the ability to bend your knees.

In order to firm up your calf muscles, stand up erect on a mat with your heels together and the toes apart. However, make sure that you are properly balanced. Now lift your heels and stand on the balls of the feet. Maintain this position for around 5 seconds and then slowly lower your heels. Initially do this exercise ten times. As your calf and leg muscles increase in strength, you can increase the duration for standing on the balls of your feet.

It takes extra effort to firm up your legs, but the results are worth it. A plus that comes with toned legs is a slimmer, trimmer body from all that exercise.

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How to Make Your Glutes Work Out Effective

posted by kitya on June 17th, 2010


There are two things that can help determine the success of any glutes work out, one is Weight and the other is intensity.To tone them means to make them firmer and stronger, and to do this with exercise you will need to do some training with weights to increase their size slightly.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary though, to spend endless hours in the gym performing boring exercise routines in order to tone the glutes. You can get an excellent quality workout for your gluteal muscles in approximately 15 minutes, two or three times a week.

Working out with weights or any form of resistance will help to build firmer, bigger buttock muscles, however, in order to get the toned look, you will need to do some cardiovascular work to help burn the calories and burn the fat. The toned look is created by definition and definition is created by a leaner body.

For any muscles to grow, they require more energy in the form of calories anyway, so you will burn some excess body fat in the process whilst you are focusing on toning the glutes.
Some of the very best exercises to tone the glutes are lunges, squats, and dead lifts. A particularly effective exercise for toning the glutes is the Bulgarian Split Squat.

If you are new to exercise, it is best to start these exercises with your bodyweight only for resistance. But as you progress, add some weights either in the form of dumbbells or barbells.
Try to do between 15 – 20 repetitions on each leg and work up to doing three sets in total. Again, you can add weights as you progress for extra resistance and to improve the size of your glutes.

Power walking, sprinting, and jogging are all great for creating a leaner, lower body look and this will be toning the glutes at the same time as burning fat.

Walking on a treadmill, set to an incline, or walking up hills as an outdoor alternative, is an excellent form of exercise to increase the size of your gluteus maximus muscles, but if you prefer purely to tone your glutes than to get bigger glutes, then perhaps avoid both the stepper and the treadmill on an incline.

Include these glute building exercises into your fitness routine will help you build a beautiful butt. However there’s more to a hot lower body than just your bottom.
There are your legs and some others too.


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Can Yoga Poses Get You Firm Legs?

posted by kitya on June 15th, 2010

Do you know that yoga poses are a big help to firm your legs?

If you want to take up a form of exercise with the aim of making yourself look and feel much better you should give very serious thought to yoga.


by David Martinez

Consider this yoga poses below; and find out how they will turn your legs more firm by executing each!


Yoga poses to achieve firm legs:
Chair Pose: Squat down with your legs and feet together, arms pointing to the ceiling. Your buttocks will stick out and you want to have the weight in the heels of your feet. Try to minimize the “C” curve in your lower back by engaging the lower core muscles.

Warrior 2: Warrior two pose is a great thigh strengthener. Point your front foot and bend your front knee straight toward the front of the room. The back leg is straight behind you and pointing to the side of the room. Try to create a 90 degree bend in your front knee. Your arms stretch oppositely to the front and back of the room, gaze forward.

Airplane Pose: Stand on one leg and point your back leg to the back of the room with pointed toe. Keep your standing leg strong and firm and try to get your body parallel to the floor. Buttocks and thighs are firmed very much in this pose.

Standing Splits: Stand on one leg and bring your other leg to the back of the room, striving to one day point it to the ceiling. Keep hips forward to the front of the room and bend over to touch the floor, toes, or shin, depending on your flexibility. This tones all the muscles in both legs tremendously.

Horse Pose: Stand to the side of the room with your legs spread wide. Point toes 45 degrees out and bend knees down to a 90 degree bend in the knees. Keep your back straight and firm. An arm variation to try here is hands together at heart’s center.
Try 10 deep breaths for every yoga poses. You will be amazed at the result after doing these for a couple of times.

Your legs will start to get that firm look you’ve always wanted by doing these poses.

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Different Kinds of Exercise to Firm Legs

posted by kitya on November 24th, 2009

There are a lot ways to firm and tone our legs. Here are the basic exercises to firm legs.

* Walking- is the common form of exercise to firm your legs. This is done by placing one foot firmly before you lift the other foot at moderate pace. This exercise is not only good for the legs alone but also for the whole body. This is also a good exercise for pregnant women and weaklings to improve their resistance.

Another form of exercise that helps firm the legs are jogging and running. Jogging is the practice of trotting at a slow and steady pace. In running, it is like jogging but you do it in a rapid pace. Be sure to drink lots of water before doing this exercise because it makes you sweat easily and heavily and it can lead to dehydration.

Another form of exercise that beats boredom is dancing. It is the most enjoyable of all. It is the harmonious movement of a dancer to any resonating vibration that can be felt. Dancing makes you sweat heavily especially when you are really into it.

You can integrate walking, jogging and running to form a dance step. When you dance, an unexplainable sensation is formed between a dancer and its partner, dancer and the music and dancer and nature. Dancing involves a lot of footwork.
There are also instances that you dance according to your mood. The more footwork that you do, the better it could be to firm and tone your legs. Dancers are known to have strong and firm legs.

It will be a great move to start doing leg exercises now. These exercises to firm legs are just simple to execute but the results are priceless and rewarding. Having firm legs boost confidence and it can be a great asset to your personality.

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Easy Ways to Get Skinny Legs

posted by kitya on October 23rd, 2009

photo by pyoryp

photo by pyoryp

We have a lot of choices so working in the office all day and sit down is not a reason for some others to say they have time because this useful tips and fun exercises are not hard to do at all. Many ladies has the same issue of having thick or big calves but yes, there are many ways to make it looks better and loose fats.

Walk, not hard huh? 10,000 steps is not hard, going to the mall, park, shopping, walking your pets is a lovely thing to do. Remember to count the steps while walking. This will help you to determine the amount of exercise you do every day. Running on the other hand is same thing, with a right running shoes to put on, running at the beach, at the park at some sports arena for me is enjoyable, does not gives you great skinny legs but it gives a good benefit for having a healthier lifestyle.

Hitting the water is also a great help to get skinny legs. Go swimming do some laps of freestyle, as this is an effective fat burning exercise and will help you keep your legs in shape. Cycling and squats will also help in toning your legs. This is an excellent way of burning fat and building leg and hand muscles, at the same time. Getting skinny legs is fun because you are getting more involved in a healthier lifestyle and you are aware of what you want and what you can do to have a great part of your body.

Here are some easy exercises you can do at home and achieve slim legs

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Best Tight Exercises for Cyclists

posted by kitya on October 21st, 2009

photo by richardmasoner

photo by richardmasoner

Cycling is one of the best tight exercises to tone our muscles but maintaining flexibility in muscles is prone to tightening through a simple set of key stretching exercises which should be practiced everyday for maximum benefit. Practicing some essential cycling stretches on a regular basis can prevent such problems from occurring and prevention is always better than a cure. All these stretching exercises for cyclists are best done after a ride when the body and muscles are still warm.

Quadriceps Stretch – Bend your knee behind you so that you can grasp your foot, holding your heel against your butt. Stand up straight and push your knee gently back as far as you can, the hand just keeps the heel in place. Repeat with the other leg to start with your best tight exercises.

Calf Stretch – When calf muscles become tight, the risk of muscle or Achilles tendon tears and injury increases. For this reason, it is important to stretch tight calf muscles as well. Here it is, face a wall and stand 12 inches away from it. Extend one leg behind you, keeping both feet flat on the floor and your rear knee straight. Lean toward the wall until you feel tension in the calf muscle of the extended leg. (You can put your arms on the wall for support. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat with other leg.

Hamstring Stretch – Lean on the bike and bend over at the waist. Place one foot forwards and the other directly behind to form a triangle. Lower the body slightly with the weight on the front foot, which is where the hamstring stretch should be felt. Increase the stretch by lowering the body still further if comfortable and repeat with the other leg. Doing the same thing on both legs are important if you want to have the same balance result for your routine in best tight exercises.

Here’s a video for tight exercises. Try these unique exercises at home!

Great Routine for Butt Hip and Thigh Makeover

posted by kitya on October 17th, 2009

by Matchstick Video

by Matchstick Video

Maximizing your assets especially for women is one of a dynamic way to be more confident when it comes to asset. There are some exercises for a butt hip and thigh makeover that would benefit the most ladies. Some are doing it the hard way just to achieve what they want but also there are some easy steps in achieving it and also enjoyable to do.
If a woman feels confident about having great asset, she’s not too shy to show it off, but what you’re born with is what you have to work with. I think we can bring it as far as your body will allow it to go. We just need to set realistic goals. So definitely, a butt hip and thigh makeover is not hard if you’re willing to have one.

Let’s start with hips, the Hip area is one of the most crucial joint in the body. It is involved in a whole host of movement including flexion, extension, abduction, adduction and rotation. There are numerous exercises to develop the hip area, including squats and lunges and this also a good exercise for your butt, as squat exercise is one of the best exercise for the lower part of our body. Also, a simple lying leg raises, (or while watching television)can be performed at the end of the day or your workout to help tone up this area – focus on keeping the movement smooth and under control.

Combining a medicine ball with an exercise ball is a great way for butt hip and thigh makeover. Like, Sit & Squeeze – place your back against a wall with hips & shoulders squared. Slide down until knees are at 90 degrees, knees over ankles and weight in heels. Squeeze a medicine ball or towel just above your knees and hold for 15 or more seconds. And you may want to repeat 2-3 times

Check this great video. You can do this at home too. Have fun!

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