Excercises For Great Legs

Then Fun and Easy Way to Great Legs


I’ve been getting break-outs on my face and really want to get rid of them !
Does anyone know a quick and easy home remedy to get rid of them ?

you can go to a doctor or something that can provide you the right product for you…

heres a little guide to help you out
1. stop eating junk and greasy stuff
2. wash your face constantly! (if you have a lotion to remove face oil, use it)
3. if you have long hair that goes over any part of your face like your fore head, get a clip or something and move it away from your face. (if you arent comfortable wearing the clip outside home, then no problem… just make sure you put it on at home. (im a guy with greasy skin so i sometimes have to do this)
4. also take a shower everyday

follow all those and you might see some improvements…

I have land. I just need to find a cheap home that we can live in while ours is being built. We’re thinking about renting our current home out until we’re ready to build but I can’t seem to find any except the over priced ones on dealer lots. I can’t find any trailer parks that are willing to let us move the homes either.

The cost to move and set up a manufactured home can be upward of $20,000 if you have to get permits, etc. This does not even include the price of the home. If you are looking for something cheap and easy to set up on your land, just get a used recreational vehicle. It’s frankly cheaper and easier to stay in your own home or rent a temporary apartment while you build.

i want my hair to look healthy! it is healthy doesnt look that way though so whats a quick easy home remedy?

Healthy hair looks healthy. Damaged hair doesn’t look healthy. http://www.hairboutique.com has some natural at-home remedies. I use olive oil in my hair to keep it strong. I’ve also used honey for shine. I’ve used some of the natural remedies at hairboutique.

Real mayonnaise and egg is a conditioning protein treatment. I’d try that, but I’m not sure how to get the mayo smell out of my hair because I know it’ll make me sick to constantly smell it. I also use coconut oil and this makes my hair soft and shiny.