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Is it bad to work out every day?

posted by admin on October 31st, 2012

I plan on working out everyday, maybe skip a day sometimes if my school work is too much. I heard it’s bad to work out everyday because your muscles need to rest, but what if I work out a different part each time? I was planning on doing one day legs/glutes, next day arms/chest, next day abs/back, etc.

Not bad if you do it correctly, you cant work the same muscle EVERYDAY the muscle wont have time to repair itself…but only trgeting certain muscle groups each day is the perfect way to go….your plan of doing one day legs/glutes, next day arms/chest, next day abs/back, etc is excellent…my routine is chest/triceps/shoulders, next day biceps,back, then next day legs and glutes…then repete, working 2 muscle groupes a day, changing each day (never work the same muscle group multiple days in a row) is a perfect plan

Good luck!

It depends what kind of exercise you are doing, and how much food you are eating.

If you perform very heavy movements (like squats) for 3-5 reps and you eat a lot, you will get a lot stronger and gain decent muscle mass in your glutes.

If you perform heavy movements (like squats) for 7-20 reps and you eat a lot, you will get stronger and gain a lot of muscle mass.

If you perform lighter movements at higher reps, you won’t gain as much muscle in that area, and you won’t get that much stronger either. You will increase your muscle endurance, which your muscles won’t get much bigger. But endurance and strength are a scale – if you tip too far in one direction, you somewhat sacrifice your potential for the other one.

Exercise causes some of your excess calories to be stored as muscle. Lack of exercises causes excess calories to be stored as fat.

So, if your goal is to get bigger, eating is really important. That’s how you grow! Your body slowly packs on mass from the food.

Decreasing the size of your muscle usually requires a caloric deficit, and less heavy exercise on that muscle.

Am I too skinny or what…?

posted by admin on October 12th, 2012

People tend to ask me to my face if I am anorexic (To which I just tell them how rude it is). I am NOT anorexic or do I have any other eating disorders. I am 100% naturally this thin except, I do a squats work out, a double crunches work out, and a glutes work out everyday when I get home from school. (They work REALLY well I might add)

Oh and I am 5’5 and 96-98lbs. (size 1-3) If that helps any.

Here’s a picture of me from yesterday: http://s948.photobucket.com/albums/ad325/dawning08/?action=view┬Ąt=image-1.jpg

Okay thank you in advance!
Yes I am perfectly healthy, at least thats what my doctor says. haha

yeah you look very thin
but if you are just eating healthy and feel comfortable in your skin, there’s no problem at all
i know a girl exactly like you: very thin and she also likes to do workouts
she sometimes has this problem that she doesnt eat when she feels depressed (which is normal i guess, but not healthy)
if it bothers you that people are calling you anorexic, just continue building muscles, they also cover bones you know
and clothes like on the picture are good. dont enhance the skinny bodyshape with very tight tops. the loose tops are better for you.