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How can I get a nice man booty?

posted by admin on January 19th, 2012

I notice some guys who work out have really tight looking buns whereas mine is plump yet not as tight. I work my glutes for sure I was just wondering how to get that more tighter, firm looking butt.

Measure the circumference of the fattest part of your butt, if it’s under 50 inches, you’re fine. If it’s over 50 inches, then try walking 45 minutes a day and avoiding fatty foods.

i used to have one back last year back when i stil played soccer but then i started eating more and lost it, i didnt make any sport teams this year so i basically sit around the house all day playin xbox and chillin in my jaccuzi, i wanna find a better way to kill time by working out at home since im no longer on the field.
please list what easy work outs can i do.

should i do them 3 times a week? (what i hope for)
5 times a week?
i hope you get what i mean :/ please help!

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