Excercises For Great Legs

Then Fun and Easy Way to Great Legs


good easy at home cardio workouts?

posted by admin on August 30th, 2011

i want to lose ma beer belly no really great at jogging any other at home work outs any suggestions

do stretches and pushups.

do weightless squats. (Knee bends). hold your arms in front of you for balance and do around 20 of them if your not in that great of shape. If your in really good shape and exercise alot then you can go for around 50 to 200.

If you have a pullup bar you can do pullups.

Try stretching every morning and every night as studies show that people who stretch regulerly have the lowest percentages of body fat.

you can also do planks or bycicles to work your abs.

for planks you simply get into pushup form then lay your formarms across the floor and hold the position as long as you can.

for bycicles simply lay on your back and peddle your feet in the air as if you are riding a bycicle.

Is working out your glutes important?

posted by admin on August 21st, 2011

If you want good posture it’s essential, and becomes even more so if you are stressing other parts of your body through strength building exercises.

i kind of already do,
but i need it to get toned and stuff..
and i want to also get my thighs toned out too but like pretty much all exercises for thigh muscles work out your glutes.
i know my butt is going to get small but as i continue exercising will it come back?


Drink a lot of whole milk a day. Eat plenty of almonds, walnuts, lean proteins and whole-wheat pasta.

If you have a bicycle, the gears on the hardest setting to pedal and ride it everywhere.

Find an amount of weight that feels just a little heavy for you and follow this routine:
Workout A:
Deep (Butt below parallel) Squats
1 set 5 reps No weight
1 sets 5 reps 50% weight
2 sets 5 reps 100% of the weight

3 sets 10 reps un-weighted

Workout B:
Deep squats
3 sets 10 reps un-weighted

3 sets 5 reps un-weighted

Alternate every other day (EX: Monday – workout A, Wednesday – workout B, Friday – workout A. Next Week: Monday – workout B, Wednesday – workout A, Friday – workout A. Etc.) Add about 5 lbs to your squat each week, and 5 lbs to your lunges each week, until you cant complete the rep then scale it back and use the previous weight as your max.

Keep drinking plenty of milk and following that and soon you should maximize your butt’s size and roundness.

You can feel free to email me with any questions or comments.

I have been working out in a athletic club and have been using the glutes abductor equipment. Will this equipment do the job? Not that my glutes are flat, just want to enhance them.

if you want to enhance them then just eat healthy food and stop junk food and play exerecise evreyday. First of all, you should have done that when your a teenager so it can help you when you grow up too.