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Easy work out routines to do at home?

posted by admin on June 22nd, 2011

So I’m getting to the point where as I keep looking for a good work out to lose belly fat, everything is CRAZY, and none of it makes sense and has no proven method behind it. More like these people just toss stuff together and think it looks good, so they post it up there. So I was wondering if anyone has any good work outs they do from home?

I would like to get into a gym, but that’s 100 bucks and month, and with moving out that’s $100 I can’t spend. I don’t own any cardio machines because those also very expensive.

I need something simple, I need to strengthen up my knees (I have a disorder which causes a lot of pain and fluid in the knees) so it needs to be something that I start out simple and build my way up to something more advanced.

Also, if anyone has any good, healthy recipes that I can use (for breakfast, lunch, snacks, or dinner) I would greatly appreciate them! (Also looking for low cost, if possible!)

you can do cardio. walk 3-5 miles a day,start off slow,you don’t wanna overwork your heart if you’re not used to doing intense cardio. when you get used to that,you can try jogging. and i would recommend Kashi Golean cereal. it has low calories and plenty of protein which makes you feel full for longer. where i buy mine,they are usually $3.28 per box. not too expensive,especially for the nutritional value,most sugary cereals will cost you about the same,and they are not worth it. and i know that you said going to the gym is not an option,but if you can find a way,do weight training. the more muscle you have,the more calories you burn

What are some excersises I can do with dumbells that work out my glutes, calfs, lats and trapezius muscles? Also what are some cardio excersies I can do indoors without any machines or skipping rope?

legs: squats, lunges, box jumps, calf raises
back: reverse flys, rows, pull ups if you can

cardio: look up insanity. its a home cardio workout

Was my workout effective if im NOT sore?

posted by admin on June 07th, 2011

I worked out for a half hour last night.
20 min on a treadmill – speed walking on an incline
10 min on a stair-stepper – working glutes & thighs at a pretty good resistance

I could DEF. feel the burn! That stair-stepper about kicked my butt so I was sure id be sore today. Its the first time ive worked out in a few months too but im just not sore.
Do I need to work out longer / harder next time or is it still being effective?

you should feel a burning sensation straight after the workout but it is not good to be sore the next day. if you feel like you pushed yourself very far doing the workout itself then it was probably effective.