Excercises For Great Legs

Then Fun and Easy Way to Great Legs


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I worked out for a half hour last night.
20 min on a treadmill – speed walking on an incline
10 min on a stair-stepper – working glutes & thighs at a pretty good resistance

I could DEF. feel the burn! That stair-stepper about kicked my butt so I was sure id be sore today. Its the first time ive worked out in a few months too but im just not sore.
Do I need to work out longer / harder next time or is it still being effective?

IMO, with cardio it’s all about burning the calories. You don’t need to feel sore.

It’s with weights that you want to feel sore….. because when you’re not sore any more, your body has adapted to your routine.

My butt is a nice size right now but big but not to small. I’m scared working out my glutes will make my butt smaller. I just want to lift and tone, any ideas on exercises. OTHER then the norm. lunges squats, squat jumps.

Sorry, unfortunately short of surgical procedures and the like you need to do the hard work. As alternatives to lunges, squats and squat jumps you could try stiff leg deadlifs & pelvic lifts/bridging or walking with small weights up a hill/incline on a treadmill or using a rowing machine (the last two options also give you ). The way to ‘lift’ and maintain your butt size is to build a bit of muscle while losing a bit of fat (you won’t get big and bulky). Aim for 3 – 4sets of 15 – 25reps of the weights and 30 – 45mins of the cardio exercises.

Good luck hope this helps.