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how can i really work out my glutes?

posted by admin on March 26th, 2011

Im trying to get a more shapely and firm butt but no matter how many lunges or squats i do, i NEVER feel it in my butt. Ive tried doing treadmills at a realllly high incline and the stair climber but the next day, my thighs feels sore but never my butt. How can i strengthen my glutes without my other muscles taking the load?

Have you tried "dead lifts"?
You bend over (basically in half touching your toes, and lift a weight from that position but you do this Not using your legs, that’s why it’s called a dead lift)

Another thing you can try is knee lifts. I have walking videos where you lift your knee in time with the walking (to a beat of a song) and I feel that in my butt.

You have to remember that it is hard to target only 1 certain area of the body and everything you do with your glutes will effect your quads and hamstrings too.

Honestly your best bet would be to research it all yourself; All you’ll receive on Yahoo Answers are people trying to get THEMSELVES credit by referring you to sites which are possibly scams. I’m not necessarily saying the people doing the referring are scammers, I just mean in general you may not want to get advice from someone trying to benefit off you.

Try looking into Mystery Shopping. It’s not technically working at home but it’s actually really easy, fun, and you can make a few dollars here and there! I use Certified Marketing but you can Google it and find a site that lists legitimate agencies.

Can you guys give me some smart dieting advise also some that dont require buying any machines or infomercial thingies. I want the easy inexspensive at home body treatment. Thx in advance for the help.

Lunges are really good for that type of stuff.