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Easy cardiovascular workouts…….?

posted by admin on December 25th, 2010

I am looking for easy at home work outs to improve my cardio and lose weight. Any tips and work outs or even web sites would be highly appriciated.thank you.

It depends how much strength you have.

Burpies are a good exercise, in which you start in a standing position, then step by step,

1. Squat and puts hands by your feet.
2. Extend your legs straight out behind you.
3. Do a pushup.
4. Bring your legs back up under you.
5. Stand up.

Or you can do two pushups at step 3.

Or use a chair and do chair squats slowly as long as you can. In chair squats, you simply stand in front of a chair, and sit down slowly just until your rump touches the chair, then stand again. Then take a break and do jumping jacks, then more chair squats.

Or you can do step ups with a hard seat chair. Step up with one leg, step down with the other, repeat 5-10 times, then switch legs you start with. Do his continuously as long as you can.

With the jumping jacks, alternate swinging the arms sideways with forwards and backwards.

You don’t need to be breathing hard. That will let you know your fitness level is lacking. The more fit a person is, the more they can do without breathing hard.

I perfer working out at home, that way I don’t feel embarassed about my workout routine.

First I would start by saying that you should not be embarassed about your routine. I don’t care who is in that gym, or how big, strong, or defined they are. They all started out as beginners in the gym. They weren’t born like that.
I submit that a good home gym offers the best of both worlds. You can utilize excellent workout equipment at any time. Your schedule will never be hampered by the hours of operation of the local gym. You will never have the excuse of not wanting to go all the way to the gym, getting dressed, going out into inclement weather, etc. It’s all right there, and who cares what you are wearing? I would have to say that I believe a good run outdoors is better than a cardio machine indoors. But I would still get a stair stepper or treadmill for inclement weather situations.
With the possible exception of meeting a hot girl in workout clothes, there is not much you can do in a gym that can’t be done with a QUALITY home gym.

What is a good company i can work at home for?

posted by admin on December 10th, 2010

I need to work at home so that my life can be a little bit easier. Any suggestions. I mean is there anybody out there that had had success and did not have to pay a lot of money?


What is your goal? First you need to decide if you’re looking for a business or a job. An online job can be found, but they can be difficult and you can quickly run into scams. NEVER pay for a "job." That’s the quickest way to losing your money. I have found online jobs, but my pay was dictated by someone else. I only got paid if they had work for me to do. Even then, the payout wasn’t enough for a part time income.

With a business you usually have to pay out a little to get going. With the company I’m with, I paid $99. I felt it was a reasonable amount to get going and it gave me all the tools I needed to get started. I earned that all back and more with my first check and I am debt free in regards to my business. The advantage of a business over a job is that my income potential is up to me. The effort I put into my "work" will determine my income. It’s all in my hands and not the hands of a boss. I like it and it works for me. We are hoping to be credit card debt free by the end of 2010 and it’s all because of my business.

You need to decide what direction you’d like to go and then move forward from there. Find your passion and follow it.

Good luck! I hope it works out for you.


i work from home and unable to get out much. i take care of 2 small children and with winter coming up i really wont be able to get out. what are some things i can do at home?
also i live in an apartment so i have someone underneath me that is an old hag and calls the police on me so it has to be something that isnt outragously loud.

Maybe a few good walking DVDs or tapes from Leslie Sansone might be the answer.You only need a few feet of space and if your little ones can walk, they could join you as well. I’ve used her walking tapes for years and they are fun. Just type her name into the search engine. Good luck.