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My wife and I have been searching for work-at-home opportunties for a while. I work full-time and my wife stays at home because she prefers to take care of our kids instead of working outside and I would like to do some extra work from home to make life a bit more easier and affordable. We’ve done a lot of research and it seems that almost all work-at-home opportunities are scams and ask for money in advance before giving out any opportunites. We live in Toronto. I would appreciate if anyone knows of any REAL work-at-home opportunities. It can be as simple as stuffing envelopes from data entry or even simple accounting. We really need a job to work from home.

It’s definitely possible to make some money through the internet.

There are many resources out there but I think this blog has a very good collection of ways to make money online.


Came across it some time ago and I’m still reading it daily.

Hope this helped.

I need to connect to the server at work from home I have full administrator privileges . We are a small company and my boss found out I am good with computers so now I’m the IT guy 🙂

Remote Desktop Connection. All you need is the IP address of your network and the username & password of an account with admin privileges.