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I go to the gym everyday and I used to do the same exercises everyday. arms legs abs all in the same day. I saw the change thrghout my body, my legs got really firm and i saw a lot of muscle as well as my arms and my waist got smaller too.
I heard it was better to train a specific part of the body in obe day and the next day a different part of the body should be trained.
I changed my workputand started doing this but all my muscles got smaller and diminish.
Which routine is better for my body?

The reason why your muscles might have weakened once you started training them only one time is because you were training them way more before. if you went to the gym three times a week and did abs.legs and arms each time and now you only do one each time you go you are exercising less.

it is good to do different sections for lifting at different times because then you give your body time to recover before you work out that area again.

still, try to keep up your amount of exercise… abs can basically be done everyday or every other day. do a little bit everyday and then the day you focus on your abs you Can make it more intense. with arms and legs once a week, maybe twice, is fine but make sure to do other exercises that would work those parts of your body as well.

running is key in exercise and really tones the legs. you can run three times a week and then lift different parts of the body on off days.

just mix it up and have fun so your body doesn’t plateau or you don’t get tired of the smae old thing.

good luck!

Please help me with this question !!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!?
im 13, and iv been lifting for about 3 years now ,,and i need to get my legs stronger so i did some great legs exercises friday and drunk 2 scoops of my WHEY PROTEIN(68gs) of protein and i did my arms saturday and drunk 2 scoops of whey,,,Well her it is sunday and im still very very sore can some one tell me what i can do to help speed up the muscle recovery speed please!!! I worried because we run tomorrow a practice and i her it can mess up the muscle growth if you are using that sore muscle Group

If you’re extremely sore, try getting a muscle relaxant like Orphenadrine citrate prescribed to you. I don’t know by what brand name it comes in your place.

I have been workin out for 2 months. i’m watching what i eat and drinking plenty of water. i work out for 1 hr and now i started this week to workout 1 hr before work and 1/2 an hr after work. results are slow. i do 20 mins of cardio and 20 of weights and 20 of waist and stomach exercises for my 1 hr then for 30 after work i do 20 cardio and 10 stomach.

Im guessing that you are asking how to lose fat and the best way to tell you to do that is to bump up the cardio! Before you can tone your muscles you need to lose the fat that is stored on top of your muscles. Cardio and dieting are the best and quickest way to lose fat. I reccomend at least 30 minutes of cardio at a time, any less and your heart rate isnt really getting where it needs to be and you wont sweat as much and you wont burn the fat.

Once youve done that, you can start lifting weights to tone, but realize, spot reducing isnt possible. Weights will make your muscles stronger and your muscles will burn more calories. This is what will make you look lean.

Good luck!

So When I’m working out everything is fine until I am on my hands and knees and start doing leg raises to work the glutes. Anyway – when I do this, I get kind of like pins and needles in each foot/leg as I do a set for each. Can anyone tell me why this is happening and if its anything to worry about.
Thanks guys

as long as there is no pain associated with exercises, you’re good to go. When you’re doing leg raises, the blood is circulating back and fourth from you’re lower body, causing the pins and needles sensation. Personally, i think it’s nothing to worry about!

i’m not happy with the weight i’ve gained but i don’t know how to get rid of it. i don’t have the time to go out walking or go to a gym. what is the easiest way for me to get my weight under control from home?

That depends on what exercise equipment you have at home. I sometimes use an exercise bike. I f you don’t have equipment maybe walk up and down the stairs or if you do end up with extra time jogging is a good exercise.

The Secret Workout of a Celebrity Part 2

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In home exercises-Legs,chest and back can be all done in the comfort of your home with just a few tools – a stability ball and resistance bands.

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The Best Way to Exercise with Doug Jones



Learn how to Exercise YOUR Eccentric Genius

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There are exercises for the butt, thighs, hamstrings, calves, glutes, hips, back, chest, shoulders, arms, biceps, triceps, abs, abdominals, lower back, forearms, and midsection.

Doug Jones, BS, MA, CSCS
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Lose the WEIGHT
Weight-In the physical sciences, weight is a measurement of the gravitational force acting on an object.
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