Excercises For Great Legs

Then Fun and Easy Way to Great Legs


Stretch routine for legs. Learn Crossed Legs Stretching Exercise in this free stretch workout and fitness video.

Expert: Maryam Askaar
Bio: Maryam Askaar has been performing, teaching and choreographing across California for more than ten years.
Filmmaker: Louis Nathan

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Slim Your Legs and Waist

posted by admin on January 31st, 2010

Get slim, strong and satisfied with these exercise moves.

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Complete Muscle Building System


How to Conventional Deadlift

1. Setup with your feet shoulder width or slightly wider than shoulder width apart
2. Toes can be straight ahead or turned outward
3. Shins should be approximately 4-6″ AWAY from the bar
4. Grab the bar with a double overhand grip (until the weight gets too heavy)
5. Legs will be straight
6. Take a big breath and force your abdominals outward and hold
7. Drop your hips as your knees shift forward toward the bar
8. Create tension in your upper back and lats by squeezing your armpits and pulling your arms downward
9. Drive the floor away, keeping the bar against your body all the way to lockout
10. Once bar gets to your knees finish the lockout with a powerful glute contraction, finish in a straight line
11. Move hips backward, keeping the glutes and hamstrings on tension
12. The bar will move downward and once the bar reaches the knees, drop straight downward back to the floor


Complete Muscle Building System

Innovative Strength Training Solutions

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Pregnancy Exercises – Biceps and Legs

posted by admin on January 29th, 2010

Exercises for biceps and lower body that can safely be performed throughout your entire pregnancy. Effective, safe moves for anyone interested in strengthening and toning their body.

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Learn how to a double leg hook exercise in pole dancing and what parts of the legs this targets in this free fitness video on pole dancing exercises.

Expert: Niqui
Contact: www.studiosoiree.com
Bio: Niqui paid for college by pole dancing in Phoenix, AZ. She is currently the co-owner and instructor at Studio Soiree Pole Fitness.
Filmmaker: joseph wilkins

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Cathe Friedrich’s Timesaver DVD

posted by admin on January 29th, 2010

Order this DVD at http://www.shopcathe.com

This DVD Contains five Workouts that were made from taking various segments from several Body Blast workouts and mixing them in a new and unique way (only workout #2 is shown in the player above). Weve also added about 25 minutes of exclusive footage that ws made just for this DVD.
Most of the workouts on this DVD are less than 45 minutes in length. Four of the workouts feature a timesaver cardio section followed by a muscle conditioning section emphasizing just one or two muscle groups. The fifth workout is a lower body muscle conditioning workout.
This DVD was patterned after our very popular Cross Train Xpress series DVD and is perfect for people who want an intense workout, but are in a time crunch!

The 5 Workouts on This DVD are:

Timesaver # 1.(38 minutes)
Warm Up (Step Jump Pump)
Step Aerobics (Step Jump Pump)
Chest/Triceps (Step Jump Pump/ Bonus Timesavor Footage)
Stretch (Step Jump Pump)

Timesaver # 2..(40 minutes)
Warm Up (Step Blast)
Step Aerobics (Step Blast Combo #3)
Hi/lo (Step Jump Pump Cardio #1 & #2)
Back/Core (Step Jump Pump/Bonus Timesaver Footage/Supersets)
Stretch (Step Blast)

Timesaver # 3.(45 minutes)
Warm Up (Step Blast)
Step Aerobics (Step Blast Combo #1 & #2)
Biceps/Core (Step jump pump/Bonus Timesaver Footage/Kick Punch Crunch)
Stretch (Kick Punch Crunch)

Timesaver # 4..43 minutes)
Warm Up (Kick Punch Crunch)
Cardio Kickbox (Kick Punch Crunch)
Shoulders (Step Jump Pump/Timesaver Bonus Footage)
Stretch (Kick Punch Crunch)

Timesaver # 5(48 minutes)
Warm Up (Legs & Glutes)
All Leg Work (Step Jump Pump/Legs & Glutes/Bonus Timesaver Footage)
Abs (Step Jump Pump)
Stretch (Step Jump Pump)

This DVD is well chaptered and also contains The Workout Blender ™ and three audio choices (normal mix, vocals only and music louder).

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Download http://limelinx.com/files/009118ee0b9ff77dbb6e6c2d1084a413 Please take your time and listen to the meaning of this song. I was blessed to work with one of the greatest singers “Lisa Lavie” Please subscribe to her.
Thank you for taking part of this project Lisa and thanks for the beautiful chorus, Im a big fan of your work.

Also please help donate to Haiti thats going through it right now. Keep them in your prayers.



First we gonna hold our hands, bow our heads and we’ll join in prayer.
Lord forgive me, Im hoping you hearing me up there
Amen x5

VERSE:Service starting, im late, just got in the door
and every single seat in the house is full
i greet a couple people, im new here
how u doin? i really dont know what to do here

“1st we gon hold hands
bow our heads
then we gonna join in prayer”
“Lord forgive me for all my wrongs
“hopefully, it’ll be me up there”Amen,

Pastor is speaking a good word
i aint worthy of heaven, i hope he puts in a good word
the message is hitting home
the issues that i deal wit when i sit home
tthen we start praise and worship
the choir is singing and all i hear cha chinging
theres the offering plate, dont pass it to me
cause this is all i have for the week
they collect all the plates, i feel guilty
cause here i am asking the lord to rebuild me
its getting close to that time, u know Alter Call
(sigh) i cant wait till this is over yar
there something on my heart
if i aint let it out, ima be torn apart
but i dont wanna be the 1st one to walk up there
cause everybody looking at me all alone up there
like im the only one whose ever done wrong up there
how could i not, especially when its that song i hear
..Amen x4……………………………….. …………………………………. ..
…………………………………. …………………………………. ..

(give it up) in my mind thats repeating
so much that im thinking out loud, pastor preaching
and its throwing off my concentration
i no longer wanna bond wit satin
im so scared of the confrontation
i finally get the strength to walk up there
tryna ignore every eye that is up there
what would they think of me, as this big sinner
all this time im betraying as if i am this big spender
ive been living this lie,
im shivering, i could of swore we was still in july
i get a twitch in my eye,i get a tear in my eye
and all i can think of is him crucifide
it shouldnt of took long to choose a side
lord take it all, i am through wit my pride
what kind of fool am i
to not know that you’re alive
even when i thought about suicide
u said, nope, stay here do your job
and what i do, i did the opposite
took the money i never gave to church and just shopped wit it
and instead of taking your word to gossip wit
i was talking bout all the girls ive tried to get
i pray to be a better christian
i couldnt blame u if u never listened
i know i say that every service
just to come up here u know that i was very nervous
thank u for forgiveness, i love u Lord
i’ll make sure i’ll be up there for every Alter Call

First we gonna hold our hands, bow our heads and we’ll join in prayer.
Lord forgive me, Im hoping you hearing me up there
Amen x5

Duration : 0:3:59


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you know "the perfect look"!

Dance & Pilates

I’m a 23 year old girl, Everyone thinks I’ve a great body (5’5”, 95lbs), but actually I don’t like my legs. I want to have muscly legs which look great when I’m not wearing pants.
I’d be glad to if you help me.

The best way to work not just your legs but the whole lower portion of your body, i.e. Quads, Hamstring, Glues etc is squats; they are the granddaddy of all muscle building exercises. A close second to squats is lunges; they are a great way to bring out some definition in your legs to give you that nice toned look, which is what I am guessing your looking for. If you don’t have access to a gym or any equipment there are things around the house, my personal favorite is empty gallon jugs of milk. You can fill them with water, and you will have about 8 lbs dumbbells with a nice handle on them, making it very easy to do dumbbell squats, and dumbbell lunges. I have included links on using the correct form, good luck and I hope this helps, let me know if you need more specifics.

Is it wrong for knee and ligaments? I stand on one leg from 5 to 10 min

For one leg yes the othe no lol

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